Fake Lena Dunham: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Audition Goes Viral

What could be better than watching Lena Dunham audition for Zero Dark Thirty? How about watching 24-year-old comedian Chelsea Davison auditioning as Lena Dunham for ZDT.

The comedian recited a monologue from the 2012 Osama bin Laden manhunt film, and the speech has went viral.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on January 26, the film is bordering on 20,000 views.

Among the most notable moments of the fake Lena Dunham short includes Chelsea stating:

“If I really have to waterboard you, that is really gonna scar me, like, emotionally.”

The video is just over two minutes long and was produced for $100. That money was spent on “a dozen delicious cupcakes.”

Davison takes the Lena Dunham interpretation to a perfect level by appearing in the Girls stars typical flowery blouse, magenta cardigan, and a bob-length wavy wig.

Davison actually shares some similarities to Dunham’s Girls character. For example, she lives in New York City … okay, maybe the similarities stop there.

Davison came up with the fake Lena Dunham skit during a night of improv at the People’s Improve Theater (PIT).

Speaking to the The Daily Beast, Chelsea Davison reveals:

“[Dunham] has such a unique voice, both in how she speaks and in the things she says. Because the character makes everything about her, I knew I wanted to find a very serious, totally inappropriate setting in which to put her. It really magnifies those traits when you see it against something so different.”

A popular theme in Girls includes Lena Dunham getting naked. While Davison doesn’t go that far, she does start to unbutton her blouse as she re-enacts the Zero Dark Thirty scene.

Here is the fake Lena Dunham film: