Tammy Hembrow’s Leopard-Print Thong Bikini & ‘Tell Me Something Boy’ Eat Instagram Alive

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Tammy Hembrow is now an Instagram heavyweight. The social media sensation comes armed with 9.6 million followers – all are likely to have an opinion on Tammy’s June 17 update.

Earlier today, Tammy updated her account. The mother of two hadn’t taken to the platform for a family-centric update. Today’s snap came as a raunchy thong bikini display. Much like all of this Australian’s looks though, it ranked highly on the style.

The sun-drenched photo showed Tammy posing by a bay. The 25-year-old was clad in a tiny leopard-print thong bikini that wasn’t leaving much to the imagination. Positioned in a way that showed off her peachy rear, Tammy sat with her back to the camera. She was, however, suggestively looking behind her and right into the lens. The string bikini’s minimal nature likewise flaunted the blonde’s side boob and unusual rose tattoo.

Tammy appeared to be toying with her fans – both the caption and the direct gaze were sending out a suggestive vibe. Eat her fans alive she might, but Tammy’s followers seem willing to throw the wit back.

“If you had a briefcase w money in it and the amount was ur phone number, how much would u have?” one fan wrote.

“Damn girl” was another comment.

The comments didn’t stop there.

“Damn tam,” one fan responded.

Hembrow’s effect today isn’t just manifesting in the words left as responses to her picture. The speed at which likes and comments poured in likewise suggested that Tammy was causing major waves. Her snap had racked up over 111,000 likes within two hours of being posted. Over 840 comments were left in that time frame.

When it comes to social media queens, Tammy flies the flag for them. Her updates aren’t exclusively swimwear ones – rather, Tammy is a jack of all trades. Her status as a mother rakes in fans with families. Her impossibly stylish outfits attract fashionistas. Impressive workout videos draw fitness enthusiasts. Whether she’s posing on beaches or driving fast cars, this sensation gets noticed.

While today’s bikini post came with no clothing mentions, other updates from Tammy do. Her role as an influencer is now a significant one. This model has given shout-outs to fashion and cosmetics brands in her posts.

Tammy’s leopard-print bikini picture also received praise for not appearing to be edited.

“Yes queen thank you for not airbrushing the cellulite!” one fan wrote.

Fans wishing to see more of Hembrow should follow her Instagram.