‘Playboy’ Model Sara Underwood’s Curves Bursting Out Of Tiny Shell Bikini

Vince BucciGetty Images

Former Playboy model Sara Underwood traded in the bright lights of Hollywood for cabin life in the woods. However, that doesn’t mean she has given up sharing stunning selfies of herself wearing very little clothing. Her 9.2 million Instagram followers are constantly treated to jaw-dropping pictures of the blonde bombshell.

Underwood recently posted a picture of herself wearing a crocheted bikini that could barely contain her curves. She was spilling out of the simple top, a string bikini crafted from beige-and-coral crocheted fabric and finished with a strategic shell over each cup, as well as some tassel accents along the bottom.

In the sultry shot, Underwood’s hair is tousled and blowing in the wind. She’s holding the slim straps of her bikini top as though they’re at risk of snapping under the weight of her ample curves.

The photo isn’t just designed to show off her physique as it’s actually her skin she wanted to showcase, according to the caption. In the caption of the photo, Underwood sings the praises of a particular dermatologist who apparently transformed her skin. Given that Underwood regularly shows a whole lot of skin in the various photos she shares of herself, time spent in the dermatologist’s office is obviously time well spent for her!

While some fans discussed skin issues in the comments, many simply complimented Underwood’s appearance in the scandalous bikini top.

Even though she does not regularly pose for publications anymore, as she did a decade ago when she was getting started with Playboy, Underwood has managed to carve out quite a niche for herself in the industry by juggling multiple projects.

First of all, she’s a devoted vegan and nature lover and has been working on a cabin-building project with her partner in the Pacific Northwest. She is also a stunning model who works with brands like Fashion Nova. The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to who Underwood works with, and the types of projects she’ll tackle.

It would not be surprising if even more partnerships come her way. In addition to being extremely photogenic, Underwood also has a bit of an advantage when it comes to working on camera for commercials, brand partnerships, and things like that as she is very comfortable working in front of the camera live. She’s had a few roles as a host on various shows and is definitely well spoken and calm under pressure.