Dynel Catrece Lane Confession: Baby Cut From Mother In Craigslist Crime Was Alive, Emitted 'Gasping Breath'

In a horrific crime that has shocked the country, Dynel Catrece Lane has admitted that she cut an unborn child from the womb of a stranger, and her husband has now told police that he heard the baby emit a "gasping breath" before it died.

Lane is currently being held on a $2 million bond, awaiting charges of attempted first-degree murder, assault, and child abuse resulting in death in relation to the attack she launched against Michelle Wilkins, who was seven months pregnant. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lane had lured the pregnant Wilkins into her home through placing an advertisement for baby clothes on Craigslist.

Wilkins in currently in critical but stable condition, following surgery at a local hospital, according to a statement released by her family.

Lane's husband, David Ridley, who told the police that he heard Michelle Wilkins' baby breathe at least once before dying, says that he believed his wife was pregnant. When he arrived home on Wednesday, unaware of the fact that Wilkins lay bleeding in his basement, he found his own wife covered in blood upstairs. When asked what happened, Lane said she had miscarried the baby, which had been placed in the tub. Ridley found the baby, and explained what happened next in the affidavit.

"He rubbed the baby slightly then rolled it over to hear and see it taking a gasping breath."
Riley drove his wife and the baby to the hospital, still unaware of the fact that his wife had cut the baby from the womb of another woman and that woman was still in his basement, bleeding.

It was at the hospital that Lane finally admitted that she had removed the baby from a stranger.

Wilkins, meanwhile, had managed to call 911 from Lane's home, telling law enforcement that she had been "cut" by a woman whose house she went to in order to buy baby clothes she had seen advertised on Craigslist. Officers found Wilkins in Lane's home. The 26-year-old woman was slipping in and out of consciousness, had been beaten, and was suffering from abdominal stab wounds from where Lane had removed the baby.

The doctor who examined Wilkins said that the wound sustained when the baby was removed was a "well performed" incision, and that it had clearly been executed by someone who had researched Cesarean births. The doctor added that the "fetus would have been viable" in the court affidavit.

An autopsy on the baby was performed on Friday by Boulder County, Colorado Coroner Emma Hall, who said in a statement that the baby was a "34-week gestation female," and that the cause and manner of death is still under investigation. The autopsy will be key in deciding what Lane will be formally charged with, which prosecutors are expecting to do next week.

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