A-Rod Allegedly Ignored Airport Security Staff, ‘He Treated Me Like I Was Beneath Him’

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Alex Rodriguez’s name has come up in an accusation, and it isn’t painting the 43-year-old in the best light.

On June 16, A-Rod’s fiancée Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram to celebrate Father’s Day. Jlo’s emotional video showing Rodriguez being every inch the father figure to her 11-year-old twins was mostly received with an outpouring of love. One comment left to the post is standing out, though. It comes from Diane Valdez Coronado. Her words suggest a less-than-pleasant interaction with the baseball star.

“Met ARod once. Escorted him thru security for a flight..He didn’t acknowledge me and treated me like i was beneath him.”

Diane – whose Instagram handle is @myloveccjj – did not provide any further details. Her comment did, however, launch some replies from other users.

“@myloveccjj I believe you. It’s all a show,” one fan replied.

“@myloveccjj ugh Theres [sic] just something about him that doesn’t sit well with me” was another response.

Other users didn’t seem too thrown by Diane’s comment. One questioned what her alleged interaction with A-Rod had to do with Jlo’s Father’s Day message. A separate user told her to move on from it.

Neither Rodriguez nor Lopez appears to have replied to the comment. The post largely generated comments congratulating this newly engaged couple on their relationship progress and popular status as a power couple.

Alex has addressed his public image before. His interview with The New York Times Magazine saw him speak on being “[depicted] as the villain.”

“I would have booed me, too. I felt that being the tough guy who had all the answers and being robotic was the right thing to do. I was wrong, and now I think it’s O.K. if I say, ‘I don’t know the answer.'”

Allegations of celebrities snubbing members of the general public are a dime a dozen. With their A-List statuses and perks, Hollywood’s famous faces can come with a less-than-savory reputation. The recent accusation regarding Rodriguez does, however, come as somewhat surprising. This star is known for his easy-going personality, friendly interactions, and generally being portrayed as an amicable individual. A-Rod tends to be seen flying by private jet rather than the commercial route these days as social media snaps of himself inside a private jet have been shared to Instagram.

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Alex made major headlines this year for announcing his engagement to Lopez. The couple’s March Instagram update (seen above) came with a romantic beach setting, Alex on one knee, and all the hope in the world from fans. Clearly, however, one individual isn’t A-Rod’s biggest fan.