Devon Windsor Flashes Sculpted Abs In Red-Hot Bikini

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor is looking forward to the release of her swimwear collection, and she wants everyone to know it. In honor of the event, the beauty has been sharing many photos of what fans can assume are pieces from the line. Monday was no different as the bombshell posted a photo of herself modeling a sexy two-piece number.

Windsor rocked a red-hot bikini that featured a textured fabric along with ties at the front and center of both pieces. The model wore her blonde hair loose, and kept her makeup to a minimum in the shot. The former Maxim cover girl is standing outside on what appears to be a deck, looking about ready to jump into the water below. Her head is tilted to one side as she gives the camera a sexy look.

Windsor’s 1.6 million followers thought the model looked beautiful in the shot. Some loved the red bikini, with many commenting on how the color looked stunning on her. Others simply acknowledged the model’s natural beauty.

“Ravishing in red,” one fan wrote.

Another wrote, “Love it! The color should be called WICKED.”

While not much else is known about Windsor’s swimwear line, fans can stay tuned to her Instagram account for the latest information. At the end of May, the supermodel announced the collection with excitement as well as a sneak peek at what customers can expect to buy.

The Missouri native says she does Pilates to stay toned.

“I am very tight and not very flexible and so it is a nice balance between stretching and doing exercises,” the Missouri native told Elle magazine.

“I also just recently got into shadowboxing and jumping rope, which is very high energy. I don’t really like to run or do traditional workouts. I find them very boring. I like to mix it up. I did, like, every workout class in New York,” she said.

Windsor is quite lucky because she is tall and has a fast metabolism. She said because of that magic combination, she does not have to diet much. She said she eats whatever she wants in moderation, and because she is naturally skinny, she doesn’t have to prepare for a show like other models do. In fact, she said she sometimes needs to gain a little weight while preparing for shows.

Fans wanting to keep up with Windsor can follow her Instagram or Twitter accounts.