A Tabloid Wrote Prince William And Rose Hanbury 'Had One Or Two' Suppers Together -- Then Deleted It

Rose Hanbury's brother might be claiming that his sister's friendship with the Duke of Cambridge is innocent, but news that the pair spent a couple of "suppers" together seemed damaging enough that the tidbit was quietly removed from The Sun's tabloid article, per Celebitchy.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rose Hanbury's brother spoke to friends about his sister's current drama while drinking at a gentleman's club. The source then forwarded the intel to The Sun.

Chief among the juicy tidbits spilled was that Rose's marriage was on the rocks due to divergent interests and the 23-year age gap.

"It seems Rose's marriage has less romance these days. [Her husband is] much older than her and they have different interests," the source claimed Rose's brother had said.

Though Rose attended the recent state banquet with her husband, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, her wedding ring was noticeably absent.

However, the brother also gave specifics about the relationship between the future king and his pretty posh neighbor.

According to the source, Rose's brother did not deny that there was a friendship between William and Rose but maintained that it only was comprised of a couple of meals.

"It seems to have started because she had one or two suppers with William in Norfolk when Kate was away."
However, her brother also emphasized that Kate was not only aware of their dinners together but was "grateful" for them.

"But it was hardly as if they were meeting behind Kate's back – of course she knew they were getting together. And Kate was grateful that a good friend and neighbor like Rose was there to entertain William," the source said.

Rose Hanbury in white gown at banquet
Getty Images | Victoria Jones
Rose Hanbury at a recent state banquet.

However, as reported by Celebitchy, within hours, The Sun deleted the two quotes relating to the shared dinners from its original article. The British tabloid did not leave an editorial note explaining for the edits, leaving questions as to whether there was an error in reporting or if the British royal family applied some pressure to the paper.

This would not be the first time that Buckingham Palace allegedly used its influence to hush up rumors of William's extramarital affair. Back in April, Nazir Afzal tweeted his "concern" about a "media blackout."

Afzal is a respected figure in the United Kingdom and is an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) as well as a national advisor to the government of Wales. He was at the forefront of helping victims of child exploitation and fighting violence against women.