‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Melody Thomas Scott Hints Eileen Davidson Is Back As Ashley For Good


The Young and the Restless star Melody Thomas Scott — who portrays Nikki Newman — started a brand new Instagram account, and one of her recent posts has viewers wondering if Eileen Davidson is back on the show as Ashley Abbott for good.

Last fall, Davidson departed the show as Ashley in a bombshell storyline. After Ashley spent the summer convincing Jack (Peter Bergman) that he wasn’t John Abbott’s biological son, she revealed the whole thing was just a revenge scheme to get back at Jack for the blood Abbott clause for Jabot CEO. Then, Ashley found out that John left her all her patents for everything she created at Jabot, so she took everything she created and went to Paris to start a rival cosmetics company called My Beauty.

Ashley didn’t stop there, though. She also had Kerry/Dominique (Alice Hunter) infiltrate Jabot and once again took away the family company’s products, leaving Jack and the rest of the team at Jabot floundering. Also, Ashley returned for Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) funeral and later for the reading of his will.

On her new Instagram account, Scott posted a throwback photo featuring the onetime love triangle between Ashley, Nikki, and Victor (Eric Braeden). Aside from the awesome big hair in the image, something else also caught fans’ eyes. Part of Scott’s caption said that she’s so happy to have Davidson back where she belongs — leaving fans to wonder if the actress has returned to a contract role on Y&R.

On follower replied asking, “Back where you belong?? Is Ashley back to stay?”

While neither Davidson nor the show has confirmed or denied the rumors, the actress posted a picture of herself with her TV brother, Peter Bergman, last week, which may have meant she was back on set filming. It is tough to tell from the photo.

Since leaving the show last year, Davidson dealt with smoke damage to her home as a result of the California wildfires, and she has also been able to travel with her family. Plus, she worked with her husband Vincent Van Patten in the film Walk To Vegas, which the couple has promoted at film festivals, according to Davidson’s social media.

While Ashley has been back to Genoa City several times, and she’s been mentioned in storylines consistently since Davidson’s departure, fans are thrilled with the hint that she may be back in the storylines on a more regular basis in the coming weeks and months.