Chelsea Houska Gushes Over Husband In Father’s Day Post: ‘I’m Married To The World’s Best Daddy’

Chelsea DeBoerInstagram

Chelsea Houska is happily married to Cole DeBoer, and on Father’s Day, she took to social media to gush over her husband. The mom of three shared a few different pictures on Instagram, each showing Cole with their kids, Aubree, Watson, and Layne. With the post, she shared a sweet caption.

“I’m beyond grateful that I’m married to the worlds BEST DADDY! Our kids are so lucky to have you as a role model @coledeboer. thank you for everything you do. Happy Father’s Day! LOVE YOU!”

The first photo shows Cole holding baby Layne. Layne is Chelsea and Cole’s youngest child, and she was born on Chelsea’s birthday last year. The second photo shows Cole with the couple’s son Watson and his stepdaughter, Aubree. There are two more photos showing Cole with Watson and another of Cole and Aubree together.

Chelsea has been open about how great of a dad Cole has been to all the kids. She even gets upset when people refer to dads spending time with their kids as “babysitting.” As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the mom of three spoke out on Twitter after Dr. Drew (who hosts the Teen Mom 2 reunion specials) tweeted and asked what it is called if it is not babysitting.

“I feel like using the word ‘babysit’ when referring to the dad watching the kids just rubs people (including me) the wrong way because it comes across as just a temporary/once in a while thing. I would personally feel offended if someone said I was ‘babysitting’ my kiddos. We just parent equally!”

Chelsea Houska was introduced to audiences on her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. On the show, she found out she was pregnant with her daughter, Aubree. The relationship between her and Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, didn’t work and Chelsea eventually moved on with Cole DeBoer. Their relationship has played out on Teen Mom 2 where she has continued to share her story.

Cole has stepped up for Aubree and been an amazing stepdad. Not only is he a wonderful father figure in her life, but he is also a great dad to Watson and Layne. Chelsea has been open about the fact that she hopes to have more kids in the future. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chelsea was asked by a fan if she wants to have more kids and she replied, “Yes!” She hasn’t revealed when she wants to have more kids, but it looks like the mom of three isn’t done having kids just yet.