Mariah Carey Responds To ‘Marie Curie’ Cake Mix-Up, Talks ‘Failed Remedial Math’

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Mariah Carey has had her chance to respond to a rather unfortunate mixup – as Metro reported yesterday, a fan wishing to have a cake based on the singing superstar wound up with one showing Nobel Prize winner and radiation researcher Marie Curie. A picture of the cake quickly went viral on Twitter after novelist Harriet Alida Lye took to the platform to share the mistake –Harriet’s cousin Siobhan was the recipient of the likely disappointing display.

Forty-nine-year-old Mariah has now spoken out regarding the issue. Her tweet (seen below) came with best wishes for Siobhan alongside an admission – Mariah seemed to be confessing that her famous face could well have wound up on the cake, had she not “failed” in the mathematics department.

Mariah’s response comes many hours after Twitter users left their own thoughts. A user named Sara O’Leary left her thoughts in a tweet documented by Metro.

“This is the best! It’s even better than the time the bakery woman asked my son what he wanted written on his cake and he replied “Down with Capitalism.”

Another user seemed to sympathize with the recipient of the cake, per their words.

“Look, they spelled her name correctly, and as someone who’s [sic] middle name is Siobhan I can attest to the number of times people have effed it up. This is amazing.”

The cake came with a simple request from Siobhan. She wanted the singer’s face fronting her birthday treat and asked her co-workers to handle the task. Clearly, receiving a cake with Marie Curie’s face instead proved somewhat of a shock.

Of course, the situation proves a touch more amusing, given that Carey has an album called E=MC². Fans have been picking up on it, as Mariah’s tweet launched many replies referencing her 2008-released record.

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“So bad you actually thought it was E=MC3,” one user wrote.

Marie Curie is a well-known face. The 1867-born scientist was the recipient of two Nobel Prizes – she won awards for both physics and chemistry. Her pioneering radiation work paved the way for cancer treatment, although Curie’s research came at the expense of her own life. Marie died in 1934 following a red blood cell deficiency disorder directly caused by her exposure to extreme radiation. The U.K.-based charity Marie Curie is named after her.

The Sun‘s take today is that both Carey and Curie were “legends in their own right.” Given that many celebrities stay silent following embarrassing situations involving their names, Mariah speaking out should come as a relief to fans.