WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Says Bray Wyatt’s ‘Firefly Fun House’ Symbolizes Company’s Real-Life Issues


Although he plays an ostensibly more cheerful version of his old character, Bray Wyatt remains as cryptic as ever as the host of the “Firefly Fun House” segments that have entertained WWE fans over the past several weeks. Many viewers have found it easy to get the references included in these segments — Mercy the Buzzard is an allusion to retired WWE wrestler Dan Spivey’s Waylon Mercy gimmick that inspired Wyatt’s character, Abby the Witch pertains to his Sister Abigail finisher, and Huskus the pig is a nod to his original WWE ring name of Husky Harris. However, a former WWE star believes that there’s more to “Firefly Fun House” than the many in-jokes referencing Wyatt’s run with the company.

As reported by WrestlingNews.co, Lance Storm, who wrestled for WWE from the early-to-mid 2000s, recently appeared on Bryan Alvarez’s Figure Four Daily podcast, where he admitted that he has started paying closer attention to the “Firefly Fun House” segments on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. As Storm sees it, Wyatt’s new children’s television host gimmick appears to be a proxy for WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon and his continued control of the company’s creative direction, with the “Firefly Fun House” universe likewise representing WWE as it stands at the moment.

According to Storm, the skits featured in “Firefly Fun House” appear to be a depiction of the “inside complaints” about WWE and the political maneuverings in the promotion’s locker room. For example, Storm mentioned the aforementioned Huskus pig puppet, whose tendency to overeat seems to represent WWE’s reluctance to push overweight wrestlers. Meanwhile, Mercy the Buzzard, which ate the Ramblin’ Rabbit puppet during one segment, was seemingly described as a symbolism of how wrestlers often get rewarded after pulling their colleagues down or making them look bad.

Furthermore, Lance Storm speculated that Ramblin’ Rabbit could be a reference to former WWE superstar Dean Ambrose — now known as Jon Moxley — and his tell-all appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast last month.

“In the last one that I saw, [Bray] bludgeoned the rabbit with a hammer because he was revealing the secrets on what really happens in the Firefly Fun House. It was Dean Ambrose! All of these skits are all of the inside bad stories you hear about WWE. The Firefly Fun House is the WWE.”

Storm, however, may not be the only person who feels that way about the Ramblin’ Rabbit skit, as several WWE fans interpreted his threat to “reveal the secrets of the Fun House” as a “subtle jab” at Moxley, as previously noted by Newsweek.

Additionally, Storm told Alvarez that he’s not sure if McMahon realizes that WWE’s writers are poking fun at his perceived stranglehold on the creative team, but stressed that the “Firefly Fun House” segments essentially represent a “burial” of WWE. He also mentioned how the “abandon all hope, ye who exit here” sign that Wyatt put up on a recent segment could symbolize how McMahon believes performers who leave WWE have no hope of being as relevant in rival promotions.

While Storm was insistent in his belief that WWE’s writers are possibly trolling Vince McMahon by using Bray Wyatt and his “Firefly Fun House” as jabs at the company, its boss, and the issues they deal with, Figure Four Weekly host Alvarez maintained that it’s still more likely that McMahon gave his approval to all the segments. As such, he believes that the aforementioned references are either deliberate or, as WrestlingNews.co noted, “inadvertent.”