CW’s ‘Cult’ Moved To Friday Nights

When characters in the CW Network’s latest thriller, Cult utter the bewildering phrase “well hey, these things just snap right off,” perhaps they are talking about their ratings? After all, when the characters do speak that seemingly nonsense line, they tend to die pretty gruesome deaths.

The CW is an interesting network because lately, most of the dark and gritty shows they choose to air have been quite popular. Supernatural, which has moved nights on more than one occasion is having something of a renaissance ratings wise.

The Vampire Diaries has become so popular that an apparent spin-off is in the works. So it has to be disappointing to the network’s bigwigs that they had to make the move that Entertainment Weekly announced today. Cult is getting a new night and time, just two episodes into the series.

The show that is supposed to be a mind bending tale about a cult that springs forth based on a cult in a television program had plenty of hype. Perhaps a confusing plot-line has made it difficult to really hook viewers. Whatever the reason behind the move, it doesn’t seem to portend good news for a series that hasn’t exactly been getting rave reviews anyway.

Deadline reports that with Cult‘s move to Friday nights, the network would rather air repeats of some of its more popular shows. Beauty and the Beast is first up for that re-run slot. It should be pointed out that the show about a show within a show hasn’t officially been canceled yet, but that seems to be the next logical step unless it can somehow find an audience on Fridays.

Deadline also points out that the path to getting made into a show for Cult was already quite impressive. A pilot for the series was originally picked up by the WB for the 2005-2006 season. When the WB and UPN merged to form the, CW the show got lost in the shufffle.

The series was finally picked up as a mid-season selection this year.

So will Cult get lost in the shuffle again and fade away altogether or can it make a comeback?