Shirtless Terry Crews Crashes ‘AGT’ Audition & Channels ‘Magic Mike’

Jesse GrantGetty Images

America’s Got Talent viewers are in for a treat during next week’s episode as host Terry Crews crashes the audition of Brandon Coprich before shedding some clothing and channeling his inner Magic Mike.

An exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode shows a shirtless Crews commanding attention on the AGT audition stage as he flaunts his chiseled torso and flexes his muscular pecks. Crews and Coprich turn up the heat by thrusting and wiggling their hips while playing the flute to “Pony” by Ginuwine.

While the audience and some of the judges are definitely enjoying the performance, Simon Cowell makes it clear he isn’t interested in seeing Terry Crews put his ripped shirtless figure on display.

“No, no,” Cowell can be heard chanting several times as he holds his hands up and waves them around before exiting the viewing area.

The spicy performance even has a dash of provocative humor toward the end when Terry encourages everyone to give Brandon a round of applause before realizing the contestant has a large flute than he does. Terry calls attention to the contestant’s longer flute before making a distorted face as the remaining judges continue to laugh and applaud.

According to Pop Sugar, the sneak peek was an exclusive video clip shared with the outlet ahead of the episode which is set to air this week.

E! News reveals this is far from the only jaw-dropping audition that will take place during Tuesday’s episode if AGT.

Acrobat Melissa Arleth will also leave judges shocked and horrified as she turns herself into a human obstacle course for her pet rat. A sneak preview by the outlet reveals the acrobat will do the splits upside down while letting the rat walk across her as if she’s a bridge.

As those who have been watching all episodes of AGT this season know, neither Julianne Hough or host Terry Crews have used their golden buzzer yet. Cowell awarded his gold buzzer to 11-year-old violinist, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, this week.

Howie Mandel gave his gold buzzer to 21-year-old singer Joseph Allen last week.

Singer and pianist Kodi Lee, who is both autistic and blind, became the first contestant of the season to receive a gold buzzer coming from Gabrielle Union.

Tune in to America’s Got Talent on Tuesday, June 18 to see if the Magic Mike style flute performance or the acrobat and her pet rat are able to move on to the next round.