Hannah Palmer Bounces Insane Bikini Cleavage In 'Hot And Bothered' Beach Video

Hannah Palmer is back on the 'Gram. The Maxim model may not have won the magazine's 2018 Cover Girl prize, but she hasn't faded into the background. Hannah's Instagram following is climbing with each passing day and her June 16 video likely explains why.

Today's video is sending Hannah's fans her signature assets in what seems to be her favorite setting. The beach is a frequent backdrop for Hannah – given, however, that today's video is promoting Bang Energy, the model may not have chosen her location. Regardless, she seems happy.

Clad in a super-revealing bikini, Hannah is seen showcasing her ample cleavage and sexy curves in a series of real-time or slow-motion takes. Hannah has been shot reclining on sands, tugging at her bikini top and suggestively pushing the material together. The result is a large dose of cleavage, underboob, and a fair amount of chest shot from the side. With a zoom-in on Hannah's heaving chest, it would seem that today's video is out to show this blonde's femininity. The opening footage is particularly eye-catching – here, Hannah is somewhat bouncing her breasts inside her swimwear.

Catchy music enhances the video's effect, but something about it wouldn't be the same without Hannah. Her fans certainly seem to think that's the case. They've also been picking up on the caption.

"Hot as hell," one fan wrote.

"You don't look bothered just hot" was another comment.

Given that Palmer looks both sexy and carefree, the comment seems apt. Today's video may come somewhat raunchy on account of its cleavage level, but it's retained Palmer's signature edge. Namely, throwing out a girly charm and a natural feel while still upping the ante. With her baby blue eyes and heartwarming smile, Hannah doesn't need vulgarity.Today's video might mostly center around Hannah and her teeny red bikini, but it's featuring something else. Bang Energy is the beverage that Hannah is seen sipping, holding, and eventually handing the camera over to. Brief footage shows a can of the drink in the sand. The brand has been collaborating with Hannah a fair bit of late. Given her rising following, sensational beauty, and sex appeal, a continued partnership makes sense. This girl rakes in the engagement regardless of what she does."I have never been so thirsty for a Bang Energy drink!!! Lol" one fan wrote.

Whatever this model charges for her promotional appearances, Bang Energy must be considering Hannah worth the price. Today's video had racked up over 74,000 views within two hours of going live. Fans wishing to see more of Hannah should follow her Instagram.