‘Fox News’ Poll Shows Donald Trump Dominated By Joe Biden, New Leaked Poll Numbers Also Look Dismal For Trump

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Even as Donald Trump continues to hammer Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden with insults, referring to him as a “weak guy,” as CNN reported, and labeling him with the derisive nickname “Sleepy Joe,” Biden nonetheless continues to dominate Trump in head-to-head polling. Despite Trump’s efforts, polls have shown no signs that Trump would come close to defeating Biden if the general election were held today.

The latest head-to-head poll comes from Fox News and was conducted jointly by the Democratic polling firm Beacon Research and the Republican research group Shaw & Company. In the new poll released on Sunday, Biden stood at 49 percent of respondents saying they would vote for him against Trump, with the incumbent Republican taking just 39 percent.

According to the Fox News poll results, which can be accessed in full via the document-posting site Scribd, five percent said they would vote for some other candidate, another five percent said they did not know who they would vote for, while two percent said they would not vote at all.

In other words, setting aside those who said they would not vote, Trump must win 100 percent of the voters who now say they don’t know who they would vote for, or would vote for someone else, just to equal Biden, according to the Fox News polling results.

Joe Biden campaigns.
Joe Biden continues his polling dominance over Donald Trump in a new 'Fox News' survey.Featured image credit: Scott OlsonGetty Images

The results were essentially the same as a Fox News poll taken last month, which also showed Biden at 49 percent, but Trump at 38 percent.

In fact, in all six polls released since Biden officially declared his candidacy on April 25, Biden has led Trump by at least six points and as many as 13, according to results compiled by Real Clear Politics. In all polls, Biden maintains an average lead of 8.7 percentage points over Trump.

By way of comparison, in the 2008 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain by 7.3 percentage points, according to results posted by the Federal Election Commission. That margin resulted in Obama taking 365 Electoral College votes — 95 more than the 270 required — to just 173 for McCain.

But Trump’s own internal polling also shows him headed for a general election disaster, according to numbers leaked to NBC News.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump has responded to the dismal polling numbers collected privately by his own campaign by simply denying that they exist, and instructing his aides to lie about them. But according to the newest leaked numbers reported by NBC, Trump’s own campaign sees him trailing Biden in the crucial southern states of North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia by eight points, 17 points, and six points respectively. He also trails Biden by double-digit margins in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan — all states won by Trump in the 2016 election — according to his own internal polling.