Ivanka Trump Tweets Out A Happy Father’s Day To Her Dad & Twitter Strikes Back

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to share a message honoring her dad for Father’s Day, and it received a wide range of responses. The post did get thousands of likes, but President Trump’s daughter got a fair amount of pushback from critics as well.

Sunday morning, Ivanka posted a tweet noting that four years ago today, she introduced her father as he first launched his official presidential campaign. She noted that as a result of that campaign, America is forever changed. She also said that thanks to President Trump’s courage, people throughout America are more prosperous and safer.

The photo that Ivanka used in her post showed her father and his wife, Melania Trump, on the floor above her, preparing to come down the escalator that has become an infamous moment of the campaign announcement. Ivanka is photographed from the side, applauding as she looks up at her father.

Within about six hours, Ivanka’s post received more than 22,000 likes and was retweeted more than 4,000 times. It also received more than 4,400 comments, and that’s where things got a little intense.

Some people tweeted out quotes from the infamous Access Hollywood tape that had a recording of Trump speaking about women in a derogatory manner. Others quoted about how the now-president had previously said he’d date Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter, a comment that has been detailed via The Independent.

There were also tweets about families who have been separated at the border due to the Trump administration’s policies, and plenty of other negative notes referring to either Ivanka or the president. A few folks on Twitter kept it simple, using strings of emojis to reflect their feelings about Ivanka’s post.

“Plus tax breaks for your imported Ivanka branded products made cheaply by underpaying the overseas workers making your shmates. My dad could never do that for me! Nor would he. He prefers honest work. Happy Fathers Day to dads who really care about more than con jobbing the USA.”

“Your father would rather golf with Lindsey Graham than hang out with any of his five children today. #Priorities #FathersDay,” another commenter said.

Ivanka definitely did receive responses from those who love the president and her family. However, it looks like the ratio of negative comments heavily outweighed those that were positive.

“Somehow, somehow, you manage to make even Father’s Day (Father’s Day!) about yourself and politics. Truely [sic] a gift. I can’t wait for your particular spin on International Women’s Day,” yet another person tweeted.

“YOU are more prosperous and safe with the millions you’ve made as a result of nepotism, and Secret Service protection. I’m struggling more than ever and scared for my children’s future.”

The first daughter also posted a couple of tweets related to Father’s Day earlier in the day. One showed a cake she said her kids made for the day and the other showed her husband, Jared Kushner, and her father together. A brief glimpse at those posts shows that Ivanka received similar responses in terms of positives compared to negatives.

It looks like the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. posted about the anniversary of his dad’s campaign via Instagram with a lengthy, buzzworthy caption, and he added in a Happy Father’s Day there. The president’s other daughter, Tiffany, did post a shot on her social media pages too, showing her with her dad and sending him Happy Father’s Day wishes as well.