Jordyn Woods’ Father’s Day Picture Launches Confusion, ‘I Didn’t Know Will Smith Was Her Dad’

Emma McIntyre/Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jordyn Woods likely didn’t intend to throw Instagram a curveball today. While the model did post a picture of her late father to celebrate Father’s Day, she also posted a snap of a young Will Smith. The Men in Black star’s face isn’t one fans would expect to see on Woods’ Instagram. The June 16 post showing the 50-year-old actor appears to have launched some major confusion over in the comments section.

The throwback picture of Will was clarified – Jordyn mentioned the actor’s Instagram handle in her caption. Despite thanks for being a “second” father, Jordyn’s words seem to have her fans a little all over the place.

“I scrolled to [sic] fast and thought he was Will Smith,” one fan wrote.

They were corrected.

“He looks like will smith” was another comment.

Fortunately, those knowing Jordyn’s history came to the rescue. One fan offered a summary, per their comment.

“Ya’ll [sic] are so strange in these comments Will Smith and her dad worked together for years on the set of Fresh Prince and their kids grew up like cousins and he was there for them when her dad died..”

Many fans, however, remained confused. One queried whether Smith is Woods’ “stepfather” before wondering if he might be her actual “father.”

As Cosmopolitan reports, Jordyn does, indeed, have a connection to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air star. The magazine referred to the bond as Smith being Woods’ “uncle.” Likewise mentioned was Jordyn’s close friendship with Will’s son Jaden Smith. That, in itself, has been obvious of late. When Woods was spotted at Bootsy Bellows nightclub earlier this month, she left the venue in a car with Jaden.

Shortly before posting the snap of Smith, Jordyn posted an old photo of herself with her father. The Instagram update came with a touching caption.

“I feel his presence now more than ever and even though he’s not physically here I know he’s happy. I miss him so much. Shoutout to all of the fathers out there holding down their loved ones and those who may not be a father yet but showcase what it’s like to be a strong man. Don’t forget to tell the people you love how you feel while they are still here! Happy Fathers Day”

Jordyn’s father died from cancer just two weeks after his diagnosis, per Heavy.

Some fans spotted what they thought might be a young Jaden in today’s picture. The photo may well be showing the actor with his two children Jaden and Willow. Touching as the update was, it does seem to have gotten Instagram talking.