‘Spring Breakers’ Releases Another Trailer [Video]

Writer-director Harmony Korine’s neon-saturated crime flick Spring Breakers has dropped one more trailer.

The latest promotional clip focuses a bit more on the girls prior to their bullet-riddled crime spree. However, the trailer also gives moviegoers a taste of what’s in store for the characters after they meet up with Alien (James Franco).

While the film looks a bit more commercial than Korine’s previous work, all of these trailers suggest Spring Breakers isn’t too different than what fans have come to expect from the filmmaker.

Although the director has been involved with a number of peculiar movies, he recently explained to Indiewire that Spring Breakers was one of the hardest productions of his entire career. Korine put a lot of the blame on the amount of time he had to put things together.

He explained:

“It was the most difficult shoot in the sense that I had very little time. The look of the film was very central to it, so there were certain things I needed, like various equipment and cameras, so I could make the visuals the way I wanted them. I had to compensate for that, which affected the schedule, which affected the pace.”

Harmony Korine also said filming on location proved to be a little problematic since most of the people they were surrounded by were not actors.

He added:

“We put them in an environment they weren’t used to being in. Obviously, very quickly people found out about that. Sometimes there were more paparazzi than crew members. It can get weird very quickly. It was a whole set of problems I had never dealt with.”

The new trailer for Spring Breakers has been embedded below. Although it’s not nearly as raunchy as the red band trailer, viewer discretion is still advised.

Spring Breakers stars James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine. The movie premieres in New York and Los Angeles on March 15. However, the film is expected to open a little wider on March 22.