Farrah Abraham Busts Out Of Latex ‘Barbie’ Dress, Instagram Can’t Decide If She’s ‘Ken’ Or In ‘Drag’

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Farrah Abraham isn’t receiving the best feedback to her Instagram update from June 15. The Teen Mom OG star had taken to the platform in a super-tight and hot-pink latex dress – she had also mentioned an iconic doll in her caption. The bronzed skin, luscious hair, and electrifying outfit might have been a hit in Farrah’s books, but fans are proving unimpressed. Their slamming comments now appear to be questioning the 28-year-old’s gender.

“More like Ken” was one of the most popular comments.

“You look more like Ken” saw another user echo the thought.

While a few comments threw out praise, the majority sent this reality star backlash.

“Which drag show are you performing at?” one fan asked.

“Queen of drag!” was another comment.

Farrah had referenced a few symbols of femininity in her hashtags. She had also chosen quintessentially girly colors for her outfit, a full face of makeup, and manicured nails. Also pointing towards being a woman was Farrah’s cleavage. Unfortunately for this celebrity though, sending out womanly curves doesn’t generate the comments one might expect. This somewhat disgraced motherhood icon is now the recipient of near-daily backlash – much of it likely stems from her controversial career choices and internet-circulated sex tapes. Farrah left a comment of heart emoji. Sadly, the damning comments received far more likes.

One of the comments likening Farrah to “Ken” launched over 20 replies.

“In drag,” one user wrote in response.

While many fans slammed Abraham for her appearance, a significant amount questioned her responsibilities as a mother. Farrah’s daughter Sophia is 10-years-old.

“Lord. Your poor daughter,” one user wrote.

Ultimately though, comments appeared to be singling Farrah out for how she looked. Given other “drag queen” and “drag” comments, it did seem as if Instagram was having trouble making up its mind – while some users were pegging Farrah as the male Barbie equivalent, others seemed hell-bent on suggesting she is a man dressed as a woman. Countless comments took a swipe at Farrah’s adult career – something about the comments section on Farrah’s Instagram seems to unleash what is tantamount to cyber-bullying.

Farrah found fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant approximately one decade ago. She single-handedly raised her daughter Sophia after the father of her child died tragically – Derek Underwood lost his life in a car crash before his daughter was born. While Farrah continued onto Teen Mom OG, she has since “quit” the franchise, per Cosmopolitan.

Farrah has 2.2 million Instagram followers.