Emily Ratajkowski’s Ridiculously Tiny Thong Bikini Couldn’t Be Showing More Side Boob

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Emily Ratajkowski’s latest Instagram update is causing a stir. The supermodel has sent out her world-famous body in the world’s tiniest thong bikini – the kind that only this sensation can pull off.

On June 16, the 28-year-old updated her account. Two snaps were sent out. They show the brunette flaunting her slim-yet-curvy frame in an itsy-bitsy thong bikini in blue. Emily is standing amid lapping waves at a Bermuda beach – the model had provided a geo-tag. Fans are likely less fussed about the location and more focused on the swimwear. The impossibly tiny two-piece is just about covering Ratajkowski’s assets – cleavage and side boob are both ample. The latter, markedly so. The unusual design of criss-cross strings and tassels is eye-catching, but there’s no denying that Emily herself is taking center stage.

Snapped smiling in both full-frontal and semi-profile positioning, Emily is sending out her signature curves, golden tan, and carefree feel.

This is one update that’s getting noticed by fans.

“Best pic of you ever,” one fan wrote.

“Second photo. Yep. Just. Stop. Thanks” was another comment.

Today’s photos might be throwing fans a perfectly proportioned model in a super-skimpy bikini, but it’s steered clear of raunchiness. Emily appears to have been caught in a candid moment, her simple white hat is as low-frills as the makeup-free face.

As a Sports Illustrated model and a CEO of her own Inamorata swim and lingerie line, Ratajkowski is no stranger to posing in itsy-bitsy numbers. Recent activity on Emrata’s Instagram has been focusing on her brand – Inamorata’s latest drop came with plenty of promotional pictures. While the retro photo shoots saw Emily made-up, bronzed, and posing in front of fluorescent lighting, today’s snaps offer a contrast. Emily doesn’t appear to have brought a glam squad to Bermuda.

Ratajkowski has, however, spoken of being raised in a world where swimwear was the norm. Her Elle interview came with references to her West Coast upbringing.

“I grew up in southern California and it really was a culture of girls living in their swimsuits. Here was this real confidence, and it was non-sexual, just women doing their thing, you know?”

The “real confidence” appears to manifest in this supermodel. Whether she’s taking to the streets of New York City for dog walks or posing in impossibly tiny bikinis, Emily exudes the trait.

Today’s update had racked up over 948,000 likes within five hours of going live. Emily has 23.2 million Instagram followers, and her account is followed by celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, and Ariana Grande.