Sommer Ray Does Yellow Thong Bikini Dance, Says, ‘Look I Can Make Cleavage’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Sommer Ray’s latest Instagram video comes for a specific audience – the model has addressed the platform’s “ladies.” The video, posted on June 15, has likely been racking up the views from all genders, though.

Sommer updated her Instagram last night. The sun-drenched video shows the 22-year-old lounging poolside. She’s wearing a tiny yellow bikini, and she’s dedicated her entire video to talking about it. The footage begins with the “special message” Sommer has for Instagram’s women – they “need this bikini” in their lives. Sommer isn’t just out to parade the thonged two-piece around, though. This fitness sensation is as much known for her personality as she is her physique. She’s using both to sell her own brand’s swimwear (and she’s doing it well).

Along with performing a little dance on tip-toes that offers fans a full view of the bright bikini, Sommer does some explaining. She calls the bikini a “magic boobie maker.”

“But look, I can make cleavage,” she adds.

Sommer sends the camera a good dose of cleavage shaking. Likewise, the “little jiggle” she both performs and mentions. While it focuses more on the bikini’s bust-enhancing benefits, the video hasn’t held back on bringing out the entire outfit. Sommer has showcased how well the briefs “fit” her super-toned lower half – she does, however, seem most enthusiastic about the upper.

Low-frills as this promo may be, it seems to be working. Responses from accounts presumably belonging to female Instagram users now fill the comments section.

“Lololol I’m buying one then watching this video again,” one fan wrote.

“Doneee I need that swim suit [sic] in every color and more of youuuuu in my lifeeee” another chimed in.

The video seems to have delivered Sommer at her best. She’s sent out her signature carefree vibes, infectious smile, and epic sense of humor. Given that most swimwear campaigns come with highbrow photo shoots and glitzy lighting, Ray’s laid-back approach seems to be working precisely because it’s unusual. The model even included an unexpected hair malfunction.

“What the hell is happening to my hair? Sorry about this,” she said.

Sommer’s online store sells swimwear and athleisurewear. While this hit Instagram star isn’t alone in selling apparel online, the way she promotes it is unique — the same goes for her feed. She might feature herself in super-revealing bikinis like her peers, but her videos also showcase her personality, likely contributing to her having accrued 21 million followers.

Sommer’s video had racked up over 1.7 million views within 15 hours of going live. Fans wishing to see more of Sommer should follow her Instagram.