O.J. Simpson Released Another Cryptic Video On Twitter Promising To ‘Set The Record Straight’


O.J. Simpson is continuing to make waves on Twitter, this time with a new video offering a cryptic promise to “set the record straight.”

The notorious football legend and former accused murderer sparked controversy when he jumped onto Twitter for the first time and posted a video message in the early morning hours on Saturday, saying, “I’ve got a little getting even to do.” Simpson has now posted a second video on Twitter, in which he explained a bit more about his plans for the social media platform, saying he will get to clear up some apparent lies.

“You know for years, people have been able to say whatever they want to say to me, with no accountability,” Simpson said. “But now I get to challenge a lot of that BS and set the record straight.”

Simpson added that he would also get to talk about a range of topics, including sports and politics. He ended by wishing fathers watching a happy Father’s Day.

Simpson’s entry onto the social media platform has drawn controversy, with many asking not to give him attention. Others noted the unusually cryptic nature of both messages, including his initial Twitter video message saying he had some “getting even” ahead of him.

The account was also opened just one day after the 25th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. There was a wave of new coverage of the story, including many looking back on the infamous trial, in which Simpson was acquitted of the killings.

Much of the coverage still struck an accusatory tone toward O.J. Simpson. Norman Pardo, a former manager for Simpson who started working with him after the trial had ended, noted that Simpson would not outright deny that he was the killer of his ex-wife and her friend.

“First thing I asked him was, ‘Did you kill those people?’ and instead of saying, ‘No I didn’t kill those people, I didn’t have anything to do with it,’ he always said, ‘You don’t want to know what happened that night, just let it go,’ and that wasn’t what I wanted to hear,” Pardo told WTSP.

While O.J. Simpson may have alluded to addressing lies and misinformation with his new Twitter account, it seems to have had the opposite effect. As the Daily Mirror reported, someone immediately created a fake account that looked nearly identical to O.J.’s new handle, swapping out a lower-case “L” for an upper-case “I” and fooling many people when the account tweeted, “I killed her.”