Police Officer Surprises Girlfriend By Proposing To Her During A Traffic Stop


Alexis McCart was driving with some of her friends in Lawrenceville, Georgia when she was pulled over for a traffic stop. Unsure what she had done wrong, she thought she might be getting a ticket. Typically, traffic stops are pretty nerve-wracking experiences that can often ruin someone’s day. However, that wasn’t what happened at all in this scenario. Instead, she got one of the best surprises she could ever imagine, according to Today.

When McCart stopped, she saw Lawrenceville Police Department Officer Michael Peterson who had pulled her over. Behind him was Officer John Heart of the DeKalb County Police Department who also happened to be her longtime boyfriend. He had gotten down on one knee and was holding up an enormous diamond ring when he popped the question. McCart, of course, said yes.

Heart and McCart have been dating for four years and he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to propose. He’d been trying to figure out a perfect, unique way to pop the question before concocting the plan with some help from his fellow officer friends.

He knew that if he was to pull over his girlfriend in his own police vehicle, she’d recognize him and the whole plan would be spoiled. Thus, he enlisted Officer Peterson to lend him a hand so the traffic stop would seem as authentic as possible. They managed to pull it off, with pictures showing McCart’s mouth dropping open in shock upon seeing Heart down on one knee.

To make things even more special, the friends McCart had been driving with were actually in on the operation. Prior to the fake traffic stop, one of them handled McCart an agenda with a photo of her and her now-fiance on the cover.

“I was confused at first, but when I turned around and saw (John) on one knee I could not contain my excitement,” she said.

The couple is still working on figuring out the details of their upcoming wedding, but they already have an idea for a wedding date. They are considering the date October 4, in reference to the police code ten-four.

McCart, who is ecstatic to soon be Mrs. Alexis Heart, already has some plans for the venue and cuisine of her wedding.

“We also plan to have barbecue for our meal because that is our most favorite thing to eat together. We also want an outdoor wedding, preferably a barn!”