NBA Rumors: Chris Paul Wants The Rockets To Trade Him This Summer, Interested In Joining The Lakers

Yong Teck LimGetty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers may not be done after the Anthony Davis trade, with reports that Chris Paul could be the next one to join the rapidly rebuilding team.

Not long after the Lakers finally completed the long-anticipated move to land Davis, new reports claimed that Paul wanted the Houston Rockets to trade him this summer. As the Fansided blog Space City Scoop noted, the rumor originated from Stephen A. Smith, who said that Paul may have eyes on joining longtime friend LeBron James on the Lakers.

“Smith suggests that Paul’s preferred destination would be the Lakers, but admits he doesn’t know how LeBron James would feel about such a trade, assuming the Lakers consult James on important team moves,” the report noted. “Smith seems to be mostly speculating on Paul wanting to go to LA, but Smith was confident about the rumblings that Paul wants out of Houston, and [reporter Brian] Windhorst nodded his head in agreement, as if he has heard similar rumors from his sources.”

The Anthony Davis trade has kicked off a firestorm of speculation about what other moves the Lakers may have planned as they try to move beyond the disappointing first season of the LeBron James era. Other reports claimed that the Lakers were eyeing Kemba Walker to complete a new “Big Three” and immediately vault themselves to Western Conference contender.

Some believe that the Lakers are still in need of more moves before they can compete with the existing powers in the Western Conference. ESPN‘s Bobby Marks said it’s too early to grade the Anthony Davis trade because so much depends on what the team does next.

“Yes, Los Angeles gave up more than the Knicks did in the 2011 Carmelo Anthony trade to New York, but Davis is a top-five player in the prime of his career,” Marks said. “With between $23 million and $28 million in room, the Lakers will now need to focus on surrounding Davis and James with shooters and find a starting point guard.”

It’s not clear if Chris Paul will be the point guard that the Lakers target, but the Rockets may be willing to part with him for the right price. As CBS Sports reported, the Rockets are willing to trade anyone on the roster outside of James Harden as they look to retool and finally overcome the Golden State Warriors.

Whether the Lakers still have the assets to pull off the trade after shipping so many assets to the Pelicans remains to be seen.