Prince Harry Got A Crush On Jennifer Aniston After Seeing Her Nude ‘GQ’ Cover, Called Her ‘Princess Material’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Prince Harry was reportedly so impressed by Jennifer Aniston’s nude GQ cover that the young prince tracked down the actress so he could text her, then told his friends that she was “princess material.”

The prince’s crush on Jennifer was revealed in a new book about the actress, claiming that Prince Harry was smitten after seeing Aniston’s 2009 magazine cover in which she posed in the nude, wearing only a striped tie to keep herself strategically covered. Ian Halperin, the book’s author, said that Prince Harry even tried to reach out to Jennifer.

“He told a close friend his favorite actress was Jen and got her number. He texted her and sent emojis,” Halperin told the Sunday Mirror.

While the 24-year-old Prince Harry may have been interested in dating the Friends actress, the book noted that Jen was wary of the 16-year age difference and let him down gently.

“One source told me Jen was aware of Harry’s crush but didn’t want to lead him on because of the age difference,” the author noted.

Jennifer Aniston was single at the time, between her much-publicized marriage to actor Brad Pitt and her later marriage to actor Justin Theroux.

Prince Harry had a number of high-profile relationships as well, with the British press and American tabloids keeping close tabs on his romantic exploits before he finally settled down last year. A relationship with Jennifer Aniston could have been one of the biggest international relationships ever, had Jennifer felt the same was as Prince Harry.

There were already some connections between Jennifer Aniston and Prince Harry, even if the young prince didn’t know it. As Halperin reported, Jennifer looked at Harry’s mom, Princess Diana, as a role model.

While Prince Harry never got to date Jennifer Aniston, he did get another chance at a famous American actress when he and Meghan Markle started dating in 2016. As Cosmopolitan reported, Harry was actually casually dating model Sarah Ann Macklin at the time he met Meghan, but the previous relationship fizzled quickly as Harry became smitten with a new actress — one who actually turned out to be princess material when they were married last year.

Meghan has now left behind Hollywood to live in the U.K. with the royal family, while Jennifer Aniston recently appeared in a movie with Adam Sandler, Murder Mystery.

A rep for Jennifer Aniston told the Mirror that the claims about Prince Harry’s crush were false.