Rapper 50 Cent Is Still Trolling Wendy Williams And She’s Had Enough

Sarah Morris Getty Images

We all know that 43-year-old rapper 50 Cent loves to hate on television personality Wendy Williams. Exactly why he has beef with her has never been quite clear. He’s been poking fun at her online every chance he gets, particularly within the last few months. The internet watched the television host’s life seemingly unravel publicly as she struggled with addiction and her marriage began to fall apart. All the while, 50 Cent seemed to enjoy her suffering, according to Hollywood Life.

Previously, Williams revealed to her fans that she had been living in a sober house while she regained control over her issues with substance abuse. At the time, she was battling several other critical health issues, including a thyroid condition. Around the same time, long-running rumors regarding her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, began to seemingly reach a peak. Hunter, Williams former husband of nearly 22 years and executive producer of her show, reportedly welcomed a baby girl with his mistress just last month. That was the final straw for Williams who finally fired him from The Wendy Williams Show and filed for divorce.

50 Cent took to Instagram throughout the entire ordeal to insult Williams’ character as well as take some low blows at her struggle with addiction and even her appearance. Many deemed his remarks in poor taste as it was clear that the television personality was already going through a rough time and he was simply kicking her while she was already down.

This pair’s split has been messy, with both Williams and Hunter going at one another in the media.

Most recently, Williams said that during their marriage he never allowed her to go out on her own or attend the red carpet events she was invited to, instead preferring her to be “cooped up only to be a show pony.”

Hunter wasted no time in refuting these remarks, saying that Williams is simply lying.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent couldn’t help put provide his own two cents, calling Williams “lazy” in his most recent attack against her.

“Wendy doesn’t have any plans on addressing 50 Cent’s trolling antics and thinks him throwing shade at a time like this is completely disrespectful. She doesn’t have the time or even want to bother with somebody who takes a dig at her especially while she’s going through so much in her own life.”

Williams has essentially built a career discussing the drama going on in the personal lives of celebrities. Lately, she’s had to adjust to being the one in the hot seat.