NBA Rumors: At Least One Person Close To Kawhi Leonard Likes The Idea Of Him Joining The Lakers


The Los Angeles Lakers could have their final element of their new “Big Three” — none other than Kawhi Leonard. That is, at least, if Kawhi’s sister gets her way.

Not long after the Lakers completed the long-anticipated blockbuster trade for Anthony Davis, Leonard’s sister sounded off on the idea of her brother being the next to join the Lakers. Even though it has been just two days since Leonard led the Toronto Raptors to the franchise’s first-ever NBA title, his sister appears to be ready for him to move back to the states and across the country to join the Lakers.

A screenshot shared on Imgur showed that Meisha Slayton, Kawhi’s sister, liked an Instagram poll asking whether Kawhi should join the Lakers next.

This is not the first time that Kawhi Leonard’s sister has helped to push rumors that he may be bolting the Raptors. As the Raptors finished off the Eastern Conference Finals and earned the franchise’s first-ever trip the NBA Finals, Slayton sparked speculation with an Instagram Live video that some interpreted as her giving away Kawhi’s plans to leave Toronto next season.

As USA Today‘s For the Win pointed out, Slayton showed a video of her group celebrating the team’s win over the Milwaukee Bucks to advance to the NBA Finals. As Meisha was reading off comments from fans, a voice in the background could be heard saying, “They know darn well he ain’t gonna be there next year.”

Many people took the statement as an admission that Kawhi Leonard’s family already knows he plans to leave Toronto once he hits free agency, but Kawhi’s sister later said the voice was not a family member or anyone with inside knowledge of his plans. She clarified that it was just a random Raptors fan who happened to be watching the game in the same place as them.

The Lakers blockbuster trade for Anthony Davis has already sparked furious speculation about who the team could be targeting next in free agency. As The Inquisitr reported, there are other rumors claiming that the Lakers want to target Kemba Walker to complete a new “Big Three.”

Whatever might happen, the Lakers appear determined to rapidly rebuild after stumbling in the first year of the LeBron James era. With the Golden State Warriors suddenly hobbled after a likely season-ending injury to Kevin Durant and a much-shortened season for Klay Thompson as he recovers from a torn ACL, the Lakers may want to strike while the iron is hot.