Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Are Back Home in Arkansas, Felicity Spreads Joy During Difficult Time


Jinger Duggar, husband Jeremy Vuolo, and their baby girl, Felicity, have traveled from their home in Laredo, Texas to Arkansas to be with family. Mary Duggar died unexpectedly on Sunday, June 9, as the result of an accidental drowning in her swimming pool. Despite it being such a sad time this past week, there seems to be some joy that has come their way as well.

Jinger and Jeremy are moving to Los Angeles next month, so a visit with the Duggar family may have been already planned before the big move. However, the unexpected news that Grandma Duggar had passed away may have brought them home a little sooner. Parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, and the rest of the reality TV clan, are happy to have them back. Despite going through a time of grieving, they are also enjoying the sweet time that they are having with Jinger, Jeremy, and 11-month-old-Felicity, as seen on the Duggar family’s Instagram, as well as Jinger and Jeremy’s social media.

They all have been posting some sweet photos of Felicity with her grandparents. She is always smiling and that is sure to uplift their spirits a bit as they go through this difficult time losing Grandma Duggar. Felicity seems to be excited to spend some time with them as well. Jinger added a sentiment along with her photos saying, “I am so glad that we are able to be with family during this difficult time.”

The Duggar daughter also had penned a loving tribute to her grandmother earlier in the week saying how her heart is breaking. She went on to describe Mary as someone who loved Jesus and her family. She also mentioned how much time that she sacrificed over the years for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Jinger then told everyone what she loved the most about her.

“She was the best grandma, counselor, friend, woman of faith, bargain shopping buddy, McDonald’s fish sandwich lovin’ lady, who was always up for an adventure—whether across town or across the world!”

Jeremy Vuolo added in some extra photos of their daughter on his Instagram as well. She doesn’t know what is going on, but her parents will likely make sure that she knows all about Great-Grandma Duggar. In addition, Jinger and Jeremy got to meet Ben and Jessa’s newborn daughter, Ivy Jane, for the first time on their trip home.

Felicity will be turning 1-year-old on July 19. They may be moved to California by then, or at least be very close to it. They haven’t said what the exact date is when the move will take place, but it’s really close. Jeremy just finished his last sermon at his church in Laredo, so it looks like they are free to head to their new life in LA.

Grandma Duggar’s funeral, called a celebration of life, is set for Monday, June 17, according to her obituary.