Gay Makeup Artist Opens Up About Bride Refusing To Hire Her Because Of Her Sexuality

Kristian Cardenas, who runs Makeup & Hair by Kristian, recently took to Twitter to share screenshots of a conversation she had with a bride who had contacted her about potentially doing her hair and makeup for her wedding.

While Cardenas was careful to edit out any identifying information, her screenshots revealed the bride approached her after getting her contact information from a friend who had also used Kristian's services for her wedding.

After explaining what her services would cost and that she was willing to travel and work with the bride's schedule, the conversation took an unexpected turn when the bride asked if she could ask Cardenas a few more questions. Assuming the questions were related to her service, the makeup artist welcomed them with open arms.

"Are you gay?" the potential customer questioned.

Caught off guard by the question, Cardenas confirmed her sexuality before she proceeded to ask the bride what being gay had to do with the wedding or the services she offered.

"Oh I don't want a gay person doing my wedding. I saw your FB and I couldn't tell if you [were] or weren't gay," the bride replied.

Cardenas politely replied to the bride by saying she understood before wishing her a nice day. Unfortunately, according to the text messages, the conversation didn't end there.

The bride responded to the text message asking how the makeup artist could be both Latina and gay before berating her for her "chosen path." She continued to explain that she knew Cardenas' work was "beautiful," but she didn't like the idea of someone homosexual having anything to do with her special day.

"The wedding is in a church and I don't want you walking into my church. If you at any chance change your mind about being gay let me know please so I can book you," the bride added.

While the text message screenshots do not reveal whether Kristian sent any additional replies to the bride, she did decide to take to Twitter to share her experience with the world.

According to her post, the makeup artist explained that she would "never apologize" for being open and honest about her sexuality.

"Homophobia is real," she added before urging anyone who read her post to "be kind to everyone."

In the last three days, Kristian's Twitter post has gone viral accumulating nearly 6,000 comments, 71,000 retweets, and over 312,000 likes.

The comments contain a mixture of individuals who are horrified by the way the bride-to-be spoke to Cardenas, and those who praised the makeup artist for the way she handled the situation.