WWE Rumors: Popular NXT Star Won’t Be Called To Main Roster For A Very Long Time, Has Title Angle Taken Away


NXT used to be looked at as the developmental league for WWE, but that has certainly changed over the course of the last few years. Ultimately, superstars do want to move up and be on the main roster for a possible run at the WWE Championship or main event of WrestleMania. There is no real timetable as to how much time a star should stay in NXT, but rumor has it that one isn’t heading to WWE for a very long time.

Please let it be known that there are spoilers ahead for upcoming episodes of NXT on the WWE Network.

Some superstars have shown back up in NXT at times after moving up to WWE’s main roster, but it has only been recently that some have been moved back to the yellow brand. As reported by The Inquisitr, Tyler Breeze was brought back from the main roster and is now a full-time member of NXT again.

Just this past week, it was confirmed that his tag team partner Fandango showed up in NXT and it appears as if he’s been moved back as well. WWE still lists him as a member of Monday Night Raw, but that will likely change soon.

Triple H is focusing on having NXT be a main brand instead of just the place that superstars stay until they are ready to “move up.” That’s why it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Matt Riddle is going to be a part of NXT for quite a long time.

Matt Riddle stands victorious in the NXT ring.
Featured image credit: WWE

Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., reported that Matt Riddle’s time in NXT is far from over even though he’s been there nearly a year. He first appeared in August and had his first match in October, but the time of him moving up to WWE’s main roster won’t come for a while.

Riddle spent years in UFC followed by time in Bellator and Titan FC. He broke onto the independent wrestling scene in 2014 before signing with WWE, so, it’s not like he’s untrained and a total rookie at all of this.

At NXT TakeOver XXV, Riddle picked up a huge victory over Roderick Strong and many thought he would go on to feud with Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. That didn’t happen, though, and the plans have been changed. Dave Meltzer reports that this is due to Riddle staying on the brand for a long time from here on.

“What I was told is that Matt Riddle is gonna be in there for a long time and they don’t wanna rush him into anything and they don’t need to rush him into anything so that’s the deal, but at one point it was gonna be Cole and Riddle.”

“Riddle isn’t even gonna be on the TakeOver show even though he got the big win on the last one which was suppose to set [a title match] up”

The spoilers for this NXT tapings this past week had Riddle in a couple of random matches before being destroyed by a returning Killian Dain each time. Eventually, Matt “Bro” Riddle is going to be moved up into the title picture and to the main roster of WWE, but there are no plans for that to happen anytime soon.