Selma Blair’s Son Helps Shave Her Head

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Selma Blair informed her 1.5 million Instagram followers roughly 24 hours ago that she is getting back to her roots. The actress made the announcement in the caption of an adorable snapshot of her 7-year-old son, Arthur Saint Bleick, using clippers to buzz off his mother’s hair.

The 46-year-old actress jokingly referred to her son as the “zen barber” who likes to use the word “butthole” whenever the opportunity presents itself. She ended the post by gushing about how much she loves her son.

Blair’s Instagram followers quickly reacted to the photo with over 130,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments. Many admitted to finding everything about the photo to be powerful, moving, and beautiful.

One of her followers noted that they found the act of shaving off a head full of hair to be truly empowering, as they saw the removed hair on the ground as the past and the newly shaven had as a fresh start to move forward.

A few of Blair’s followers wanted to know whether Arthur, who has gorgeous shoulder length hair, was going to follow behind his mommy and shave his hair as well.

Another fan thanked the actress for sharing such a beautiful photo as it really brightened their evening after having a rough day.

Some couldn’t help but notice her young son’s “raw talent” for cutting hair.

As those who follow the actress on Instagram know, Selma frequently shares adorable snapshots of herself spending time with her young son. Just two days ago, she shared a photo of herself and her son sitting on the bed together while rocking matching rabbit pajamas.

Like most of her Instagram posts, this photo quickly filled with comments praising how happy she and her little one looked.

In October, Selma first revealed her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. While the actress did not explain her decision to shave off her hair, Women’s Health notes Blair agreed with one individual who wrote, “Hair is so hard to deal with when you can’t lift your arms above your head.”

In addition to sharing sweet photos of herself and her son, Blair also makes an effort to be very open about her MS diagnosis and treatment on social media.

In May, the actress took to Instagram to tell her followers that she was feeling sick and really struggling with her treatment. Selma also expressed having a special place in her heart for parents with sick children, as she was grateful it was her going through the pain of MS as opposed to her son.