Bill Maher Says GOP Is Like A ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Who ‘Blows The Family Budget On Stupid Sh*t’

Michael KovacGetty Images

During the latest episode of his popular HBO show, comedian Bill Maher said that the Republican Party is like a “deadbeat dad” who “blows the family budget on stupid sh*t,” Mediaite reports.

Maher began the segment by discussing the GOP’s history. The host argued that the party has changed radically under President Trump, going from a political entity concerned with issues such as national security and fiscal responsibility, to a party that cozies up to dictators while increasing the deficit.

Prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, according to Maher, the GOP was thought of at the “daddy” party, taking care of important issues. Now, it resembles an absentee father “going through a midlife crisis, making bad decisions with all this pretend confidence.”

“It’s like the entire party is wearing a toupee,” the host said, continuing the analogy, and suggesting that the GOP has become the “deadbeat dad” party, abandoning fiscal responsibility, and alienating allies.

“Under Trump, they’ve become the ‘deadbeat dad’ party, the dad who spends money we don’t have and who blows the family budget on stupid sh*t.”

As an example of “stupid sh*t,” Maher cited Trump’s border wall.

The comedian spent the rest of the segment mocking Trump, and discussing the president’s relationship with his children, Ivanka Trump in particular.

“As for those of us just trying to survive in this American family,” Maher concluded, “we have to come to terms with the reality that the ‘daddy’ party is the ‘a**hole dad’ party now, and the patriarch of it all is a hot mess.”

Maher is not the first person to claim that the Republican Party has radically changed under President Trump — this has, in fact, become somewhat of a conventional wisdom in certain circles, it seems. Some claim that Trump is not exactly a deviation from Republican orthodoxy, but rather a reflection of what it has been for many years.

As The Inquisitr reported, this is supported by data. The vast majority of Republican Congressmen back the Trump agenda, leaving the president unchallenged on virtually all issues, and the voters are satisfied with how Trump has governed.

The president’s approval rating among self-described Republicans is incredibly high — around 90 percent of voters approve of his job performance.

Likewise, although Trump is sometimes thought of as an exceptionally unpopular president, polling suggests otherwise. His approval rating, although not spectacular, is comparable to Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan.

Trump’s policies are not even a deviation from standard American politics, let alone a deviation from the Republican mainstream, according to The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald.

Writing about Trump’s embracing of despots and dictators, Greenwald opined that such behavior is a “pure expression of decades-old ‘U.S. values’ and foreign policy orthodoxies,” suggesting that although Trump appears to have no regard for surface civility, his behavior is in many aspects similar to that of his predecessors.