Taylor Swift Addresses Rumor That She Kisses Katy Perry In Upcoming Music Video,

Kevin Winter/Ethan MillerGetty Images

In case you missed it, the longtime beef between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is officially over. Katy spread the news with the world in a new Instagram post earlier this week where she shared a photo of chocolate chip cookies with the phrase “Peace At Last” written on the serving dish. Katy tagged Taylor in the caption and wrote “feels good,” letting fans know that their five-year feud was dead.

Shortly after the reconciliation and the news of Taylor’s new album, a rumor began brewing that Katy would appear in the music video for Taylor’s newest song, “You Need To Calm Down.” The video will drop on Monday, and the rumor claims the two women will kiss in the video. Taylor caught wind of the rumor and is setting the record straight, according to Us Weekly.

“Hey uhhhh [Taylor] not to question you but you do know there’s a leaked concept that you and [Katy] dress as fries and a burger and kiss,” a user wrote on Tumblr while tagging Taylor. “You do know that’s dumb, right? Please tell me you know it’s dumb.”

Taylor wasted no time in responding.

“Guys. That is ABSOLUTELY false,” the singer said. “To be an ally is to understand the difference between advocating and baiting. Anyone trying to twist this positivity into something it isn’t needs to calm down. It costs zero dollars to not step on our gowns.”

“You Need To Calm Down” slams homophobia and highlights Taylor as an ally for the LGBTQ community. The singer gives a shoutout to GLAAD and delivers a now-iconic line where she sings “shade never made anybody less gay.”

Taylor is being championed in the press and across social media for her new song, where she also condemns those who pit women against other women. The song addresses those who hide behind keyboards and attack others online, as well as those who create signs for protests attacking another person’s way of life.

On the other end of things, Taylor did not deny that Katy would be appearing in the video, but also did not confirm it. The video is expected to have lots of surprises as well as easter eggs for her upcoming album, Lover. It’s the second video release for Taylor in the last two months after the singer dropped “Me” on April 26.

The Lover album will feature 18 new songs, the most Taylor has ever released at one time. Lover will be available on August 23, or 8/23, a nod to her love of the number 13, as the numbers 8, 2, and 3 add up to 13.