WWE News: Former Superstar Told Vince McMahon WWE Was Insulting The Audience’s Intelligence


Many people feel that there were storylines during the “Monday Night Wars” which crossed lines, offended, and embarrassed people. Still, it was one of the most popular times in professional wrestling and Vince McMahon has continued to bring forth a product that people enjoy. One former WWE superstar is speaking out about his time with the company, and he even admits he told Vince that the company was insulting the intelligence of the audience.

Shawn Spears, formerly known as Tye Dillinger in WWE, was not under contract to All Elite Wrestling when he appeared at Double or Nothing. As of earlier this week, he was officially a member of the roster as he had signed a deal with the company to be a full-time wrestler with the idea of becoming a coach for AEW in the future.

Spears was a last-minute entry into the Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing which took place on the day after his 90-day no compete clause with WWE expired. It was obvious that he wasn’t happy in the promotion and he was underutilized even though he was extremely popular with the fans.

The “Perfect 10” spoke with Chris Van Vliet about his new journey with AEW, his past in WWE, and the difference between the two promotions. He even revealed that he once told Vince McMahon just how bad things had become with WWE’s product.

Spears said that one of the biggest differences between WWE and AEW is “credibility” and that the talent on the roster needs to have it. Many wrestling fans are quite smart and can often times figure out things, but that is especially true if they keep getting the same product week after week.

A good point was raised by Spears in regard to how fans can often times figure out the result of a WWE match before it ever even gets started.

“I see it on the internet all the time. They are burying this guy, not everyone needs a push, everyone needs credibility. If you are watching television and two guys come out and you are already able to tell what the finish of that match is based on entrances alone? That’s a problem.”

Not allowing your talent to have credibility and making things predictable is what Spears said causes fans to “change the channel.” If they’re not invested in the product being given to them, they’re going to lose interest and that is why he said this to Vince McMahon when asking to be released.

“Now you are giving the audience the chance to change the channel. They don’t care. They are not invested. I said to the Chairman, ‘With all due respect, we are insulting their intelligence.'”

Tye Dillinger was one of the very few WWE superstars who were actually granted an early release from their contract when they asked for it. Now, he’s gone back to the name of Shawn Spears and has moved on to sign with All Elite Wrestling. He hopes that Vince McMahon heard what he had to say, but if not, AEW certainly will.