Terrence Howard Loves Kissing Oprah, Wants To Get Her Drunk

Terrence Howard is one of those actors who consistently offers sound bites that turn into real viral gems. This year it looks like we found the Terrence Howard gem early on. This time he had a few comments about Oprah.

Howard sat down with Hip Hollywood to discuss his upcoming film The Butler, which stars an ensemble of prolific stars, including Howard, Alan Rickman, Robin Williams, John Cusack, James Marsden, and Forest Whitaker — that’s just naming a few stars from this cast.

In the film that covers a White House butler and the eight American Presidents that they served under for over three decades, Terrence plays Howard alongside none other than TV host Oprah. The talk show host plays Gloria Gaines.

So where does the drunken good times between Terrence and Oprah come in? Terrence Howard elaborated on his experience of shooting racy, sexy love scenes with Oprah, and then elaborated even further than that for what’s sure to be a bizarre quote in a series of statements from Howard. The actor explains:

“That was so great. To actually be able to kiss Oprah? To break that veil of — the boundaries that sit outside, that keep you from– you see the Oprah, and you see the woman; to touch her feminine side. To kiss [Oprah] was amazing, but to be kissed by her was even greater. I can’t wait to do it again if I can get her drunk.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Howard has said something a bit on the bizarre side. On interracial relationships and having an all black cast for the film Red Tails, Terrence explains that African Americans will go on to be liberated in the same way the characters in the film were liberated by their relationships with white women, which led to their liberation.

Let’s hope Oprah doesn’t hear about that one, or the fact that Howard would love to get her drunk. We’re sure it was a compliment at the highest respect, but it still teeters on a scale of 10 for the creep factor.