#ImpeachTrump Trends As More Than 100 U.S. Cities Hold Events Calling For The Impeachment Of Donald Trump

Mark Wilson Getty Images

Donald Trump’s possible impeachment has been a contentious topic ever since he first became president. That being said, impeachment calls against him have amplified over the last few weeks after special counsel Robert Mueller released his report. In effect, the report suggested that Trump would have been charged if he was not currently the president, as Department of Justice regulations forbid the prosecution of a sitting president. This led many legal experts to argue that Mueller was essentially seeking Congress to act by encouraging them to bring impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Despite taking control of the House after last year’s midterms, Democrats have appeared reluctant to move ahead with impeachment calls. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has clarified on more than one occasion that Democrats see 2020 presidential elections as the best chance to oust Trump, and believe that bringing impeachment proceedings won’t be in their best interests, as the Senate is still controlled by Republicans. On the GOP side, there has been great reluctance to criticize Trump at all, but lone Republican Justin Amash created headlines when he publicly announced that he is in favor of impeaching Trump. Even so, the general sense in Washington is that lawmakers don’t see impeaching Trump as a wise option now that he is in the third year of his tenure.

It appears that the American people see things differently, with more than 130 American cities orchestrating remarkably coordinated events on Saturday calling for Trump’s impeachment, as reported by KOIN6 TV.

The events have been organized by a number of public policy groups, including MoveOn, Need to Impeach, and By the People, among others. Need to Impeach, a campaign funded by billionaire Tom Steyer, has been advocating for Trump’s removal from office for a while now, but their efforts have reached a new high after the release of the Mueller report. As stated by the organizers of the rallies across 130 U.S. cities, Saturday’s events are a public call for holding Trump accountable for his actions.

“Donald Trump’s abuses of our communities and country demand action from Congress, which has the responsibility and authority to hold Trump accountable. The next crucial step is an inquiry into whether to draft articles of impeachment,” the website for #ImpeachTrump explains.

Events are taking place in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix, Orlando, and Detroit, among other cities, as reported by Newsweek. Democratic stalwarts Elizabeth Warren, Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Al Green are set to speak at some of these call-for-action events.