Colorado Snow Storm Strands Students Overnight

A Colorado snow storm stranded students at school overnight when it caused whiteout conditions on Tuesday night.

The students were stranded after a state highway was closed because of dangerous conditions. It also left some drivers stranded in their cars for hours.

The students ranged from preschoolers to 12th graders, reports The Associated Press. They left their schools in the Miami-Yoder School District about 40 miles east of Colorado Springs, but the buses had to turn back because of bad weather.

But the whiteout conditions weren’t all bad for the kids. They got to watch movies, play basketball, eat concession-stand pizza, and talk to their parents before they went to bed at school.

Principal Sharon Webb stated that the older kids slept on wrestling and gym mats under the cover of their coats. Younger students slept on preschool napping mats.

Yahoo! News notes that the stranded Colorado students woke up to see drifts as high as four feet, though parts of the football field were left uncovered by the wind.

The blowing snow also closed a 150-mile stretch of Interstate 70 between Denver and the Kansas state line. The school where the students stayed overnight is a larger version of a one-room schoolhouse.

The town is small, so all the students know each other and many are related. Webb stated that it helped the atmosphere, because instead of being scared, it gave the students the feel of a sleepover. Parents were also understanding of the reason behind their children not coming home that night.

The storms dumped more than two feet of snow in the past week in some places. They also knocked out power to thousands of customers. No injuries were reported as a result of last night’s storm.

While all of the students appeared to enjoy their sleepover at the schoolhouse Tuesday night, it is likely they were happy to return home on Wednesday.