Alexis Ren Gets Racy In A Tiny Bikini On Instagram

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Instagram model, Alexis Ren, has been alternating between sweet and then ultra sexy posts on her Instagram. Her newest post is of the latter type and showed her posing in a tiny bikini. The photo made it hard to see what her bottoms looked like, other than that they were very small. On the other hand, her top was on full display. It was strapless and structured, allowing Alexis to show off her assets while still looking comfortable. The update included not just a photo but also a short video clip. During the clip, Alexis started off showing off her sultry side, but then broke into laughter mid-pose. And while the post has only been available for three hours, over 342,000 of her fans have stopped by to hit the like button.

In addition, Ren has been keeping her fans updated via a stream of Instagram Stories. In one of the Stories, the model was spotted taking a selfie in a luxurious room. She posed in a tiny pink crop tank, along with an untied pair of gray workout shorts. She placed her right hand on her head, while her phone obscured her face. The photo was taken in a giant, wood-framed mirror. Behind Alexis, you could see an interesting stone wall accent with black pillars. The bed appeared to be low to the ground, with industrial accents throughout.

This photo was followed by snaps of her amazing view right now, which included a thin infinity pool in front of a lush, jungle-like backdrop. There were palm trees, and the sun appeared to be setting. Alexis then also shared an outtake of her latest Instagram update, which was a cute photo of her posing in the red bikini top.

And for fans who are even more curious about the model, the good news is that she previously opened up to Chic Management about her career. One thing she talked about was how she kept up with her fans.

“For the last year it’s been pretty much through the internet/social media, but this year I want to change that. I want to be more involved– I want to give back what they gave me. I have a few ideas…”

She also talked about her experiences in Australia. She said, “I never thought I would feel so at home in a place so far away from my actual home. I’m going to miss Sydney, and cherish the memories I made here. I’ll definitely be back soon!”