Bru Luccas Dances In An Incredibly Skimpy Black Bikini In New Video

Bru LuccasInstagram

Fitness model Bru Luccas knew how to send temperatures soaring after posting a video on Instagram of her gyrating while in the skimpiest of black bikinis.

The social media star moved to California at the age of 23 in the hopes of an entertainment career after growing up in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Though her career had a less than glamorous start — her first job in the United States was for McDonald’s — it soon took off after a series of the Brazilian bombshell’s Instagram photos went viral. Her most popular photo was one where Bru grills burgers while in a bikini. She currently boasts over 1.7 million followers.

The video posted Friday appears to be from her sister’s bachelorette weekend, a celebration previously covered by The Inquisitr. The sisters were having a wild time at Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas. Bru has said that she is very close with her siblings, and has even launched a swimwear line with her sisters, fittingly called Body Sisters.

In the video, Bru dances to music while swaying her hips and loosely swinging her arms. She is wearing a teeny string bikini that leaves little of her pert posterior to the imagination. She kept the rest of her look simple, with a couple of white bracelets and a pink watch as her only accessories.

The video, posted less than 24 hours ago, has already received nearly 100,000 likes and over 1,500 comments.

Bru also posted another picture that flaunted her killer body in the same stunning bikini. In the update, she had her hair down and donned fashionable round sunglasses. The photo was particularly flattering to her ample bosom.

The post earned over 108,000 likes and over 840 comments.

Another update showcased her cleavage once more when the Brazilian beauty wore a lacy white crop top and high waisted jeans. With again the same white bracelets, pink watch, and simple hairstyle, the model let her hourglass figure be the focus of the upload.


The brunette beauty is unsurprisingly known for her voluptuous posterior. She discussed keeping her booty in fine form with Cosmopolitan.

The fitness fanatic explained that her exercise routine alternates between upper and lower body workouts each day.

For her glutes, Luccas confessed that she uses a routine that she developed as a teenager. The exercises include a narrow squat, a wide squat, a sumo squat, and a narrow squat pulse — all while holding a barbell loaded with 20-pound plates.

Bru admitted that she also has a special move to make the exercise extra-effective: moving slowly and squeezing her butt throughout the squat.

“It’s the secret,” she swore.