Ronnie Magro’s Teeth Have Twitter Freaking Out After ‘A Double Shot At Love’ Appearance

Rich PolkGetty Images

A certain Friends episode has come to mind after Ronnie Magro made a surprise appearance on MTV’s A Double Shot at Love on Thursday night. Toward the end of the dating show’s most recent episode, Ronnie entered the house with Jenni “JWoww” Farley to help buddies Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly “D” DelVecchio pick potential girlfriends. Once Ronnie entered the house and flashed his pearly whites, Twitter exploded for one specific reason.

The new clip from MTV highlighted Ronnie’s teeth, which were so white, they looked like they might have been glowing. Viewers immediately pointed out the similarity between Ronnie’s teeth and those of Ross Gellar on a famous Friends episode. Ross’s teeth became shockingly white after he left whitening gel on too long, which also made them glow in the dark after a date turned on a black light.

It wasn’t just viewers who couldn’t stop laughing at Ronnie’s teeth, as even Vinny got in on the fun. The reality star shared a GIF of someone opening up some curtains and getting knocked out by the bright light that shot into the room. The tweet from Vinny’s was one of his most popular to date, with viewers agreeing Ronnie’s new look was shocking.

“Why are Ronnie’s teeth brighter than his future,” one viewer tweeted.

“I’m honestly curious if there’s anyone who looks at Ronnie’s new teeth and thinks it’s an improvement. I’ve never been quite so aware of how often he smiles. It used to be that his smilyness was one of his most attractive traits. Now…,” another shared.

Pauly and Vinny even made fun of Ronnie on the show by bringing up his new grill at any possible chance they could.

“If everybody got new faces, I can get new teeth,” Ronnie joked back.

Jenni and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi have also been poked fun at by the boys on the show for having work done on their faces. This played out at the beginning of Season 1 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation when the size of the ladies’ lips became a topic of conversation.

It’s all playful banter between the longtime castmembers, and Ronnie doesn’t seem to be upset at the jokes he’s getting thrown his way on Twitter, or directly from his buddies.

Jenni and Ronnie’s episode of A Double Shot at Love will continue next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. The former roommates will administer a lie detector test to the remaining women vying for Vinny and Pauly’s hearts.