Donald Trump Accuses Nancy Pelosi Of Making A ‘Fascist’ Statement About Him

Mark WilsonGetty Images

During an interview with Fox News broadcast on Friday, President Donald Trump accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of making a “fascist” statement about him, HuffPost reports.

Trump lashed out against Pelosi because she had alleged that he is engaged in a “criminal cover-up.”

“It’s a fascist statement, It’s a disgraceful statement,” the president said of Pelosi’s remarks.

“I call her ‘Nervous Nancy.’ She’s a nervous wreck… for her to make a statement like that is outrageous,” he added.

As HuffPost notes, Pelosi’s accusations that Trump is engaged in a “criminal cover-up” came after the president indicated that he would accept damaging information about a political opponent from a foreign adversary such as Russia.

In an interview with ABC, Trump — who is being accused of welcoming Russia’s help during the 2016 presidential election, although Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to prove a Trump-Russia conspiracy — not only suggested that he would accept political dirt even if offered by a hostile foreign government, but said that he would not report such an offer to the FBI.

The commander-in-chief’s remarks prompted widespread outrage. During a press conference, Pelosi characterized Trump’s remarks as “an assault on our democracy.”

“I believe that he has been involved in a criminal cover-up — I’ve said that before — and our investigation is demonstrating that,” the House speaker added in a statement Trump would later describe as fascist.

Even though Trump and Pelosi frequently and publicly insult and belittle each other, the top Democrat has remained adamantly opposed to impeachment. While accusing Trump of “assaulting” American democracy on Thursday, Pelosi once again argued against impeachment, stating that her caucus is “not even close” to beginning impeachment proceedings.

According to CBS News‘ impeachment tracker, 57 House Democrats have publicly called for impeachment proceedings to begin. Four Senate Democrats — Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Elizabeth Warren — have joined their colleagues, as has Independent Bernie Sanders. All five are running for president.

The only Republican in office to publicly support impeachment is Michigan Representative Justin Amash.

The relationship between the country’s two top politicians has not always been bad, however. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in 2018, when the Democratic Party took back control of the House of Representatives, Trump endorsed Pelosi for speaker.

“I can get Nancy Pelosi as many votes as she wants in order for her to be Speaker of the House,” Trump said, offering Republican votes. The two have also attempted to work together, recently floating the idea of jointly developing a major infrastructure plan.