Ashanti Busts Out Of Ornate Outfit In Thailand

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Singer Ashanti isn’t afraid of flaunting all of her curves on Instagram. Lately, she’s been showing off some of the outfits she rocked in the music video for her song with Willie XO, “Early In The Morning.” The video features Ashanti in a variety of skin-bearing outfits, including a metallic cocktail dress that left little to the imagination, a stunning red dress, a beaded barely-there bikini, and an ornate gemstone-encrusted outfit with a Thai headpiece, among many others.

We’re not sure which look was Ashanti’s favorite, but the Thai-inspired outfit is definitely one of the most memorable. In the music video, Ashanti wears the look while writhing around in water for a super sultry vibe.

She recently shared a few still shots of the ornate outfit she rocked in Phuket, and we’re not sure which is more incredible — the outfit, or Ashanti’s curves. One of the steamy shots she shared had her laying down on some stones, posing seductively.

The outfit is a work of art in itself, featuring what looks like an endless array of beads and gemstones, and shows off an ample amount of Ashanti’s cleavage. And, as if the ultra-glam corset top weren’t enough, she paired it with a Thai headpiece that frames her stunning face. The look is completed with vibrant red eye makeup and gleaming skin.

Fans were obsessed with the look, sharing comments like “okay but like, do you have to be perfect?” “them legs them legs,” and “looks positively breathtaking!”

Ashanti seems to constantly look for ways to refresh her music and offer her fans something new. She’s been in the industry for nearly two decades now, getting her start when she was just a teenager back in the early 2000s. She’s released six albums since then and has had countless chart-topping hits.

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Last year, Ashanti chatted about her upcoming album, as iHeartRadio reports.

“There are so many things that have happened from the last time I put music out, so there are a lot of things to say. Especially with what’s going on in the music industry and just the world, period… there’ve been times where I may not have put music out, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t in the studio creating. It’s always a really safe place for me. I feel like I get energy, and I feel like it’s just a different kind of passion and energy to go in the studio and just record how you feel and put things together.”