Heidi Klum Goes Completely Naked On The Beach, Instagram Officially Loses It

Heidi Klum appears to be knocking Instagram sideways. The 46-year-old's latest update is a fully nude one, although it's retained the Project Runway star's signature class.

On June 14, Heidi updated her account. A sun-drenched snap showed the mother of four seated on a beach. Sand all over Klum's legs, arms, and feet extended to her peachy rear. Yet, like her breasts, Heidi's derrière was mostly concealed from view. The supermodel had taken on a somewhat innocent-like and vulnerable seating position, although there was confidence to her piercing gaze. Bathed in natural light, Heidi and her goddess body glowed against the backdrop of natural rocks.

Fans seem to be losing their minds.

"Wow," one fan wrote.

The thought was echoed by another user appearing to need caps to voice their thoughts.

One fan may have been throwing out some sarcasm, but their words equally suggested a touch of confusion.
"Interesting dress where can I buy it."
Many comments were left in Klum's native German mother tongue. This model may still have die-hard fans from her birth country, but her grip as a global sensation has more than carried over to the U.S. Heidi's high-profile television features on Project Runway made her a household name over one decade ago.Heidi has also shown her face in the hugely popular HBO series Sex and the City alongside hit movie The Devil Wears Prada. Less about the highbrow fashion and more about the womanly display of raw sexuality and natural beauty, today's update has been proving a hit. It had racked up over 16,000 likes within 45 minutes of being posted.With her status as a mother of four and her age-defying body, Heidi remains a talking point for women looking to stay in shape. The model opened up to Women's Health Mag about her own figure back in 2017.
"Your metabolism definitely changes when you turn 40. "I always thought, "That's not going to happen to me.' But it is happening to me. If I indulge more, I have to exercise more. I've figured out what works for me."
Heidi added that balanced nutrition was also an important part of her life, although she mentioned the importance of treating herself.
"[I was] out for dinner recently, and truffes are in season. I had to have the truffle pizza and the truffle pasta. So it's not like I don't [indulge], just not all the time."
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