Farrah Abraham Told She Looks ’50’ In Busty Mermaid-Glitter Bikini

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Farrah Abraham’s latest Instagram update is getting slammed. The Teen Mom OG star took to the platform on Friday – June 14 appears to be bikini day for Farrah. Her shimmery and glitter-adorned bikini top threw out mermaid vibes against blue briefs and a yellow shirt, but fans don’t appear impressed. In fact, many seem to be thinking that Farrah looks well past her 28 years.

“She looks 50,” one fan wrote.

The thought was echoed by another user, per their comment.

“How old is Farrah? She looks 50 here. I thought money was supposed [sic] to make you look younger lol. Must be a hint”

“I guess 20’s [sic] are the new 50’s [sic],” was another comment.

The users questioning Farrah’s age are likely not die-hard followers of her account. This 28-year-old made quite a deal over turning one year older at the end of last month – Farrah posted a series of pictures and videos building up to her birthday. The celebration came complete with a fancy Los Angeles, California bash and the chance to party with Farrah for fans following the star’s instructions. Despite Farrah having clarified her age multiple times at the end of May, it would appear that her message didn’t reach the whole of Instagram.

Further comments on today’s bikini photo likewise showed fans probing the star about her age.

“Would NEVER guess you were in your 20’s [sic]. Hell im [sic] 40 and still get mistaken for 27. You [sic] 27 and get mistaken for 40,” one user wrote.

Admittedly, the user hadn’t pegged Farrah as being 50 years old, but the sentiment was reflecting the overall mindset from those slamming her today.

“Age 40-60,” was another comment.

Unfortunately, for Farrah, backlash is a near-daily deal. This star’s Instagram account now appears to be a feeding ground for trolls – while slamming on celebrity accounts is commonplace, the majority of it pales in comparison to the hate Farrah is subject to. Although this Nebraska-born face’s features are known to be surgically enhanced (and heavy makeup perhaps does her no favors), it is difficult to objectively call Farrah middle-aged.

Comments on today’s post did not, however, exclusively slam the mother of one. Positive-looking emoji responses were left by more supportive individuals. The post itself had racked up over 19,000 likes within two hours of going live.

Farrah has 2.2 million Instagram followers. She is not followed by any of her former Teen Mom OG co-stars – Farrah left the MTV television franchise earlier this year, per Cosmopolitan.