Khloe Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Talk About Eating Cockroaches, A First Kiss

Michael BucknerGetty Images for GQ

Khloe Kardashian was grilled by Kylie Jenner in a YouTube video that served to introduce the launch of their new beauty line on June 14. Called Koko Kollection Round 3, this video-taped banter was what the pair called a fun Q&A.

But what’s fun about cockroaches? The question from Kylie about whether or not Khloe would eat one was likely hypothetical. The older sibling said she would do that — for a million dollars. In retort, Jenner stated she would not, even for that astounding sum.

“Well, ’cause you’re a billionaire,” Khloe commented, receiving awkward silence from her younger sis in return.

Meanwhile, a slew of viewers were happy to riff on this honest answer. This riveting commentary and other realistic and more serious Q&As were discovered by some 4.6 million viewers on the social media site. Perhaps the reason the sisters were up for this rambunctious form of communication is because they have used YouTube for such offerings in the past — like this one in 2017 — with great success.

Not surprisingly, since the subjects’ fame has grown, the more recent post from the high-profile pair has gained nearly the same high viewership number as that two-year-old post in just one day. In fact, Thursday’s offering is currently trending at No. 25 on YouTube to show that there is no doubt that these familial collaborators understand the value of constant social media messages of every kind on every platform.

In yesterday’s fresh appearance, Jenner asked her Kardashian sister which movie makes her cry the most.

“Of course, The Notebook,” Khloe answered.

She came back at her younger sibling, asking if she “ever had a day if you play Sam Smith or Adele you start sobbing?” in what was something of a rhetorical question.

“So, sometimes if I want to cry I’ll turn on The Notebook to get it out. It’s sick,” Khloe added.

When Kylie asked Khloe about her first kiss, the interviewee was vague. She knew that the big event happened in Southern California’s Newport Beach, but she wasn’t so sure who the person was that partook of that initial mouth mashing.

During the discourse, Khloe’s best beauty secret was that everyone should wear sunscreen. She pointed out that “your hands and your neck show your age,” so it is best to protect these parts of the body.

Meanwhile, Kylie’s best beauty secret was perhaps more illuminating. This gorgeous young woman said she always washes and conditions her hair at the beginning of her shower regime, pointing out that by doing so the conditioner gets washed away from her body.

“Sometimes it lingers,” she stated, and Khloe agreed.

That said, what much of the viewing audience agreed upon regarding this YouTube conversation from Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner is that Khloe is starting to look and talk like her mother, Kris Jenner. Talk about a surprising take on such a fun and funny social media post.