Farrah Abraham Told She’s ‘Lost Her Mind’ Following Fully Nude Cowgirl Video

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Farrah Abraham is facing some major backlash. The Teen Mom OG star’s fully nude June 12 Instagram video appears to have landed her in hot water as comments slamming the 28-year-old are now the most-liked responses.

Farrah’s bold video appeared to be a mash-up of recent photo shoots. The Nebraska-born star had opted for country looks that included posing naked in nothing but thigh-high boots and a cowboy hat. Likewise channeling the all-American vibe was an eye-popping outfit of Daisy Dukes and a busty shirt. Footage also showed Farrah posing as a girl scout alongside a see-through Perspex look that further flaunted Abraham’s curves.

Be it for the soaking wet and sheer camisole also donned or Farrah’s suggestive body language throughout the video, fans aren’t digging the result.

“Poor Sophia is going to grow up and be just like u….” one fan wrote.

Another comment questioned Farrah’s sanity.

“Has this woman lost her mind!? What in the world! At least before she was somewhat classy, this is straight garbage! Not art of modeling at all. Her poor daughter”

Countless other comments slammed Farrah for showcasing her nudity so provocatively as a mother. They criticized Farrah for “teaching” her 10-year-old daughter to “sell her body,” although many users simply expressed sadness for the single mother’s child.

That said, not all comments voiced disapproval. One fan appeared to stick up for this controversial reality face, per their comment.

“People need to pipe down with the constant negativity! I’d get my bits out for money if I looked like that and I also have kids.”

Inevitably, though, responses followed what’s become a pattern on Farrah’s Instagram. The more brazen the post, the more damning the comments.

Farrah’s recent Instagram activity has centered around her sex appeal. With very few posts showing Farrah with Sophia, snaps have largely been showcasing Farrah’s surgically-enhanced breasts, curvaceous behind, and skimpy clothing choices. The star has gone fully topless for a Pretty Little Thing promotion. A photo of Farrah leaving an In-N-Out burger joint made major headlines at the end of May.

Replies to the Instagram video also saw some fans question whether the platform even permits this level of nudity.

“I won’t be surprised if Instagram ends up taking down this post #reported,” one fan wrote.

Farrah found fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant approximately one decade ago. She then became a core Teen Mom OG cast member alongside other famous faces, including Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood. Farrah has, however, left the popular television franchise. Nonetheless, she remains a hot topic.