Seth MacFarlane Oscars Performance: Lawmakers Demand Academy Apology

The condemnation for Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s performance as this year’s Oscars host keeps pouring in. The newest deluge of criticism comes from two female California state lawmakers, who asked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to use better judgment next time they pick an emcee for Hollywood’s biggest awards ceremony.

Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, both Democrats (as is MacFarlane) sent a letter to Academy President Hawk Koch Tuesday, asking for an official condemnation of MacFarlane’s performance.

Specifically, they cited MacFarlane’s focus on the physical appearance of several actresses and the nude scenes they have appeared in (you know, “We Saw Your Boobs”).

“Furthermore, there was a disturbing theme about violence against women being acceptable and funny,” they wrote. “From topical jabs about domestic violence to singing about ‘boobs’ during a film’s rape scene, Seth MacFarlane crossed the line from humor to misogyny.”

Lowenthal and Jackson specifically asked for a response from Koch, and thus far, have not gotten it.

They also cited the Violence Against Women Act in the letter (currently being debated in Congress), as well as a resolution that the Legislature has passed supporting re-authorization of the Act. Why? Well, that wasn’t exactly clear.

“This should be a celebration of artists in the filmmaking industry, not an offensive display of disrespect toward women that sets the fight for gender equality, dignity, and respect back decades,” they wrote.

If anything, Lowenthal and Jackson will probably be relieved to hear that MacFarlane is pretty much one and done when it comes to the Oscars. Asked Saturday whether or not he’d consider hosting again, he responded on Twitter:

In any case, it seems that the public has been far more forgiving of MacFarlane than the various public individuals who stand in contempt of his Oscars performance.

Still, the real issue here regarding Lowenthal and Jackson is why they’re playing politics with an Oscar host. Should the Academy give in and issue an apology/condemnation of MacFarlane’s performance? Is that something they should fairly be able to expect? Furthermore, what did you think of MacFarlane’s performance? Fun, or offensive?