Prince Harry Reportedly Told Meghan Markle To ‘Turn Around’ At Trooping The Colour

Chris JacksonGetty Images

While standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Trooping the Colour event over the weekend, Prince Harry reportedly told his wife to “turn around” for the national anthem.

At least that is what The Daily Mail’s lip reading expert thinks. The moment in question was caught on film as the duchess stood in front of Harry, amidst many other royal family members. Two times during the event, Meghan turned around and faced Harry as if she were about to say something, causing Harry to speak quick phrases to her.

The Daily Mail’s expert claimed that Harry said to Meghan, “Yes, that’s right” as if responding to a question the first time she turned to him. The second time she turned to him, he said, “Turn around.” When she apparently did not turn around quickly enough, he told her to “look,” gesturing his head toward the front of the balcony just before the national anthem was about to begin. Meghan did turn around with a somewhat sour look on her face before replacing it with a smile seconds later.

The Daily Mail reported that it is customary for members of the royal family to always face the crowd while the anthem plays as well as face the cameras while on the balcony because there are thousands of people gathered to take part in the customary celebration of the queen’s birthday. Not to mention the back of a person’s head does not make for the best photos.

The royal family was packed onto the balcony to watch the event. While Prince Philip did not attend the event, four generations of royals appeared with the queen. Meghan and Harry stood on the opposite side of the queen than Kate and William.

Royal fans weighed in on Harry’s words with Meghan on social media, with some noting that it looked as though Meghan was about to cry after Harry spoke to her.

While the public will most likely never know what Harry said to Meghan, her immediate reaction did seem somewhat crestfallen.

The royal couple appeared to be happy earlier in the day as they took part in a carriage ride alongside a parade as it made its way back to the palace.

The event was the first public appearance the duchess has made since giving birth to couple’s first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who was born a little over a month ago on May 6.