Jenna Jameson Shows Off Bikini Figure And 80-Pound Weight Loss In Casual New Instagram Snap

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson is showing off her slim bikini body in her newest Instagram post. She is seemingly taking a quiet moment to herself in this snapshot, but she is also using the post to help and motivate her social media followers.

Those who have been following Jameson for a while now know that she has undergone a major transformation over the course of the past two years. After having her daughter Batel, Jenna transitioned to a keto diet and embraced sobriety. As a result, she's lost around 80 pounds, and she never shies away from showing off the progress she has made and explaining exactly how she accomplished this impressive transformation.

In Jameson's latest Instagram post, she is lounging next to the pool near her new place in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jenna looks to be makeup free, and she is wearing sunglasses with her blond hair pulled up into a high bun. Many of her tattoos are visible, and she is wearing a blue-and-white bikini.

The bikini that Jameson is wearing appears to be a knit style with a fairly standard triangle-style top. The bikini bottoms are mostly navy blue with a band of white along the waist, and it looks like these are a pretty moderate style that provides fairly full coverage.

This new photo showed a bit of sideboob and a hint of cleavage along with Jenna's flat tummy. Jameson makes sure to mix it up in what she shares via Instagram. She shares some shots where she's using some tricks to showcase her curves and muscles in the very best way. At the same time, she also shares plenty of photographs more like this one that shows her real and natural.

In the caption of this latest bikini post, Jameson asked her followers if they had seen the frittata recipe she had shared in her highlights. Jenna regularly shares photos of what she and her daughter Batel eat in her ongoing efforts to maintain her keto diet.

Jameson tends to share a lot of content daily via her Instagram Stories, and many of her video clips feature Batel. Jenna's latest show her by the pool with her beau Lior Britton and their daughter Batel, and she also shared several clips that she said were "all me" with no filter and plenty of freckles.

This latest bikini shot of Jenna Jameson's prompted some critical comments along with plenty of support. The former adult film star makes it clear that she doesn't tolerate people coming to her page to tear her down, though, and she has shown that she's going to keep doing her thing and working to inspire those who are motivated by her updates.