‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers Reveal Unexpected Action In Next Episode, Hannah Brown’s Journey Extended

Mark BourdillonABC

ABC has thrown in a surprise or two for the next episode of The Bachelorette. Spoilers had already revealed that everybody would see more drama involving Hannah Brown and Luke Parker. It was expected that everybody would see things progress as usual after that, but now new information has revealed that this isn’t the case after all.

The network’s synopsis for the June 17 episode shares plenty of Bachelorette spoilers about what will happen next, but it also signals a change from what fans anticipated. Instead of labeling this next show as Episode 6, it is described as show “5B” for Hannah’s season. After some fans started asking questions via social media, spoiler king Reality Steve added some clarification.

ABC details that Luke will make some desperate moves to try to score a rose from Hannah after their disastrous one-on-one. Parker’s efforts serve to annoy Brown’s other men and all of the chaos pushes Hannah over the edge.

The sneak peek has shown that Hannah will end up crying on host Chris Harrison’s shoulder, and it seems likely this is all connected. The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that things will continue to be intense through the rose ceremony and additional hearts will be shattered.

The Bachelorette spoilers note that viewers will then see Hannah and her remaining men head to Latvia as expected. However, Monday’s episode won’t dive right into Brown’s next dates.

“Suddenly, however, Hannah explains to Chris Harrison that she is not in a good place. All the drama has clouded her vision for future happiness. The woman who had seemed so sure of herself and her journey to find love, now is uncertain if this is going to work.”

The network describes this as an explosive episode, and The Bachelorette spoilers detail that it will also serve as a bit of a recap show. Hannah and Chris will talk about the drama, the fun, and the romance she has already experienced. It looks like some unseen footage and perhaps some bloopers will be incorporated as well.

The Bachelorette spoilers also hint that Monday’s episode will end with another cliffhanger of sorts.

“[W]ill Hannah decide to continue her search for the man who hopefully will propose to her or will she walk away alone? Will the men get a second chance to win her heart?”

When asked about this upcoming episode via Twitter, Reality Steve shared the insight he has gathered.

“It starts with the resolution of Scotland episode & the rose ceremony, but rest of the episode is interviews w/ Hannah & a recap of the season so far. So not much new next week. The following week will be the Latvia episode, which is your normal episode 6.”

This shift in what is set to air on Monday, June 17, may also explain what seems to be a change in the Season 6 premiere date of Bachelor in Paradise. Previously, it had been detailed that The Bachelorette would wrap up on Monday, July 22, with BIP debuting on July 29.

Now, Chris has said via Twitter that BIP begins airing on August 5, which would seemingly indicate that Hannah’s finale airs a week later than originally slated as well. Throwing this recap episode in this coming Monday would seem to explain how they get an extra show out of Brown’s season.

Hannah may seem undecided as the episode airing on Monday, June 17 ends, but The Bachelorette spoilers have revealed she will keep going. As The Inquisitr detailed, Luke Parker will get a rose and continue on this journey as well.

In addition, the dates in Latvia for Episode 6 indicate that Peter Weber and Garrett Powell will get one-on-ones. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that there is still plenty of chaos ahead for Hannah Brown, but deep romantic relationships will emerge, and it sounds like fans will have plenty to buzz about as the rest of the season plays out.